My First Underarm Waxing Experience at Lay Bare - Market Market

I can't believe that at my age (30+ something), I will still experience first times. Grabe ako sa ka-late bloomer! Growing up on a tradition of plucking & shaving hairs on my underarm, I never really thought of having it waxed. After 2 CS operations with my 3 kids (twins being the first), I finally braved myself having my first ever waxing experience. Because hello, CS operation is one of the major operations a woman can have. (akala mu naman ooperahan ako ha ha ha) So sisiw na lang siguro 'to sa kin diba? Not Brazilian wax, I am not ready yet. :p

Underarm Waxing Experience at Lay Bare - Market - Market

As recommended by one of my carpool-mates, I tried Lay Bare Waxing Salon. Good thing there is a branch in Market Market which is convenient for me because I can go there before work. 

First thing first, here are a few helpful tips and info for newbies like me:
  • Made an appointment to avoid long lines. Lay Bare accepts online reservation and you can choose your branch.
  • Lay Bare Waxing Salon uses cold wax. It is made from honey, sugar, and calamansi extract.
  • After the waxing treatment, avoid using deodorant for atleast 2-3 days.
  • Avoid sun after waxing like steam rooms, whirlpools, and other heated sources for atleast 48 hours.
  • Don't drink a lot of caffeine during your waxing appointment as caffeine stimulates the nervous system and makes waxing more painful.
  • Avoid waxing when you have your period. Wait atleast 5 days after or do it before your period.

As soon as I enter Lay Bare Waxing Salon, they asked me to write my info on a sheet of paper. I don't have any appointment so I need to wait in line. I waited for my name to be called and I filled up my information on a form where I need to answer questions like: When is my period, if I am taking any medications, or if I have skin allergies etc.

Underarm Waxing Experience at Lay Bare - Market - Market

I was accommodated to enter a small room and cover myself in a towel. The room is not that fancy and new but as long as it is clean that is ok for me.

Underarm Waxing Experience at Lay Bare - Market - Market

I laid down on my back and got ready for the procedure and it was super fast! More or less mga 15 minutes siguro. The pain is tolerable, well atleast for me. I don't have anything to compare cold waxing (never tried hot waxing) with because this is my first time, but overall it was a great experience. 

Ate from Lay Bare made me check the unwanted hairs first before leaving me then she applied soothing lotion. A few weeks after, my underarm is still smooth, no skin reactions, growing hair is almost not visible, hindi din sya makati, and I think my underarm looks fairer after waxing. I love it! Plus it's super affordable at P170 for a budget-mom like me! :D This will be included on my regular beauty regimen na. I am availing their service for a few times now.

I actually regretted not doing underarm waxing before. San ba kasi ako pinanganak? Ha Ha Ha! Anyway better late than never right? 

Happy Labor Day to all our hardworking Filipino workers out there!

Lay Bare Waxing Salon
3rd Floor, Market!Market! 
McKinley Pkwy, Taguig

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