Celebrating Motherhood

Motherhood is the most fulfilling job and yet it is the hardest. How do we celebrate motherhood with all those never ending scattered toys, struggling of letting them eat on time, everyday war and nonstop noises? We love our kids so much but will hate them seconds after. The beauty of being a mother is lost thru the everyday struggles that we face. Maybe all we need is to be calm and remember how these tiny beings made us the most important person in their lives. Remembering those moments, moments that will always makes us smile. 


Celebrating motherhood is also remembering where it all started. I felt the relief when I am with my mother when I delivered my youngest daughter. The feeling of togetherness is the best gift I could receive as I become a mom for the second time. I can now understand my mom more than anything else. The hardships she encountered when I was young. The hard decisions of leaving us to give us what we need in life. She loved and sacrificed a lot for us. And now, it is my turn.  


As Mother's Day approaches, let's celebrate motherhood. Let's celebrate all the sadness and joy it can bring. Let's celebrate motherhood together with DressLily. Use code "MOM25" and get 25% OFF sitewide.

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