Vaseline Healthy White Fresh & Fair Cooling UV Gel Lotion Review

Grabe ang init ano? And because of the heat we are making everything just to feel fresh and cool under the sun. Aside from putting sunscreen, what else do you apply on your skin to be more comfortable this summer? How about lotion? I am not a lotion person, I actually hate it. Minsan napipilitan na lang ako mag-lotion if nagdry na skin ko. Ha Ha Ha! I know so bad of me for taking my skin for granted. I felt really sticky kasi kapag nag-lolotion pa. Eh ang init-init na nga sa bansang Pilipinas noh!


Anyway, I received an email from Sample Room PH about this new product from Vaseline, it's the new Vaseline Healthy White Fresh & Fair Cooling UV Gel Lotion. It claims to have this cooling effect after applying. Oh I need this! I said to myself. I then tried on logging in to my sample room account and my points are not enough. Sad! I've never used my account for quite some time now so I will have to buy it elsewhere. I bought the smallest one from Watson's. 

Get all of the fairness and protection without the stickiness with Vaseline’s first non-sticky lotion, Vaseline Healthy White Fresh & Fair Cooling UV Gel Lotion! It comes in a light, non-greasy gel formulation that contains 10x Vitamin B3, SPF, and cooling menthol to restore skin fairness, to protect the skin from sun’s UV damage, and to provide a fresh feel throughout the day under hot and humid climates. It’s also infused with micro-droplets of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly, the holy grail of skin healing, to provide moisture to the skin and to help repair the damage deep within.

And guess what? I am now switching being a lotion-lover because of Vaseline Healthy White Fresh and Fair Cooling UV Gel Lotion! I am so much inlove with this product as in! As soon as I applied it, I enjoyed the cooling effect because of the menthol. Sarap nya sa pakiramdam. Another reason to love is the consistency. It is watery & light. Para ka lang nag-apply ng water sa skin mo! Definitely non-sticky and non-greasy! The smell is long-lasting that will leave you feeling refreshed because it contains 10x Vitamin B3. Bonus points na lang sa kin yung pag-fair ng skin. It also has a sunscreen to protect our skin from sun damage, super need natin to! For moisture and repair skin damage, it also has Vaseline Petroleum Jelly, the holy grail of skin healing.


So helpful that this product is quick absorbent. I can even apply it while I am walking going to the office building to feel fresh pa din! Talking about #NoStickySituations

I've never been in-love with a lotion before! I am so happy I found this product. Super perfect nya sa humid and hot weather natin! Go ahead and try it guys! See for yourself if this product really delivers.

Vaseline Healthy White Fresh and Fair Cooling UV Gel Lotion is available in three sizes: 350ml (P318.50), 200ml (P202), and 100ml (P116). You can buy this from Watson's or get free samples from Sample Room PH.

*I hope this is a sponsored post but its not. :)

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