Reasons Why Greenfield Weekend Market is Worth the Visit

I lost my way in Mandaluyong last weekend. Never thought that I'd be missing this place as it was my tambayan when I was in college. I'm glad I visited the area and went to Greenfield Weekend Market. It's a hangout place where you can just chill and have bonding with friends and families.

Every Saturday, Greenfield Weekend Market opens its door to foodies and those who are looking for a hangout place. Well, there are many other places that you can visit but why Greenfield Weekend Market is worth the visit? I'll break it down for you.

Greenfield Weekend Market

Wide Space

I found it refreshing that a hangout place like Greenfield Weekend Market has a wide space where children can play around. 


Life-Sized Board Games

And because there is a wide space, scattered are life-sized board games that kids will enjoy playing. I like the idea of this while you get your order from the stalls. 

Raffy's Belly Good Cebu Lechon Belly

Sinful Delicacies

Let's not forget that Greenfield Weekend Market offers food for your cravings. Greenfield Weekend Market has more eats to choose from to satisfy different preferences of foodies such as shawarma from Habib's, smoked barbecue from Carnivore Cookery, Hungarian sausages from The Cut Premium Meat, chicken fingers from Fingers and Flavors, Mexican favorites from the Real Mexicanos and even Japanese favorites like takoyaki and ramen from Shumagorath Takoyaki.

Shumagorath Takoyaki

Tusok-tusok streetfood!

Carnivore Cookery Smoked Pork Belly - smoked for 12 hours!

Big Squids!

Crabs! Yum!

Affordable Meals

If you are on a budget, no worries! There are several affordable meals that you can choose from.

bagnet meal


Interesting Arts

Other than the food, Greenfield Weekend Market also showcased our local artists for their craft. You can find handpainted stones here with cute animals. It also promises a lot of fun activities for adults and children. There are live portrait artists willing to sketch you up.


Unique Drinks

There is also a stall that serves fresh drinks such as buko juice, melon juice, cucumber, lemonade, dalandan and red iced tea. But one that really caught my interest is the Buko Pandan Xtreme. Take your Buko Pandan to the next level and add toppings! Also available Taiwan milk tea, ice cream and even yoghurt.


Not Your Ordinary Desserts

For dessert, go for the homemade ice cream from The Blissful Story and Tipsy Cream.


Eco-friendly and Local Products

Eco-friendly products such as soaps, wooden utensils etc are also available from Ecolohika.


Live Band

Enhancing the dining and leisure at the weekly affair are the jazz musicians. They start playing soft music at 6 p.m. until closing time.

There's a lot to look forward to every weekend so that its why Greenfield Weekend Market is worth the visit with all the reasons listed above. For those looking for a refreshing and wholesome bonding time with friends and loved ones, or wanting to enjoy the holiday vibe, the Greenfield Weekend Market is the best place to visit.

*stalls every Saturday is subject to change.

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