Top 5 Palm Springs Wedding Venues


Whether it is for auspicious reasons or conveniences, we all choose to hold our weddings or other grand events on certain month of the year. The best months for certain people may not be the best months for others. We all have our preferences when it comes to choosing the month to hold our weddings.

For those who are planning to get married, what type of wedding and when is the best month to get married? These are probably the questions going through your mind. The following is what I get from the internet when I google searched for when is the best month to get married.

The types of wedding and the best months to have your wedding:

  • Spring Weddings – March, April, May.
  • Summer Weddings – June, July, August.
  • Autumn Weddings – September, October, November.
  • Winter Weddings – December, January, February.

After deciding on the type of wedding and having chosen the date and month for the wedding to be held, the next thing on the to-do list will be to look for a venue. Unless you have a big garden, you will need to rent a venue that is big enough to accommodate all the guests. You can easily check out the various wedding rentals Palm Springs, choose the top 5 wedding venues near you, and call up the number to make an appointment for a showroom visit.

Some of the best venues to hold your wedding include The Ace Hotel, Colony Palms Hotel, The Parker Palm Springs, Frederick Loewe Estate, Saguaro Hotel, and others. It is advisable to check out the place for yourself, making sure that the place is suitable, the types of facilities provided or not provided, terms and conditions of rental, and agreeing on the right price.


If the chosen venue is without any furniture, then you will need to look for wedding tables for rent, including the matching chairs and other necessary pieces of furniture, according to the theme or style of the wedding. Choosing the type of table for your wedding will also depends on the sort of seating arrangement for your guests and the size of the venue.

Types of wedding reception seating arrangement:

  • Round tables arrangement
  • Rectangular dining tables arrangement
  • A mix of round and rectangular tables arrangement
  • Lounge seating arrangement
  • Square seating arrangement
  • U-shaped seating arrangement

If you are planning to get married this year, have you looked into your wedding venue yet? Above all, be sure to have fun on your wedding day!

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