Kidzoona at SM City Masinag Relaunches New Attractions


Summer na! Who is excited about the kid's vacation? Of course, isa na ko jan. After the grueling school year, let's treat our kids for a new adventure this summer in Kidzoona at SM City Masinag with their new additions in their play area.

Kidzoona now features 3 "Narikiri" or Role Town Areas:

Image grabbed from Ms. Vani

Supermarket - a self-service shop offering a variety of toy fruits and vegetables complete with a cash register, baste and apron. Children will get the feel of grocery shopping at this wagon type supermarket.

Image grabbed from Ms. Vani

Beauty Salon - children play as hairstylists or customers complete with mini equipment that you see inside a real salon. Kids can also take their own photos and try hairstyles on a digital mirror.

Image grabbed from Ms. Vani

Takoyaki - kids will experience how to make a Takoyaki and sell them to their playmates or to their mom and dad.

Kidzoona is an indoor amusement park for children owned and operated by AEON Fantasy Groiup Philippines Inc. a Japan-based company operating entertainment facilities in shopping centers in South East Asia, China, and Japan. Kidzoona Masinag is located at the Upper Ground Level of SM City Masinag

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