Bata Heritage and Coca-Cola Launch Capsule Collection

Check out these really cool styles of sneakers from the global brand Bata’s Bata Heritage partners with Coca-Cola for an iconic capsule collection. It puts a fresh spin on the legendary Bata Tennis and Hotshot styles. 

Coca-Cola—the second best-known word around the globe after ‘OK’—shares with Bata Heritage its distinctive red and white colors as well as values of authenticity, community and trust. The two family brands join their DNA to unveil an array of fun and graphic styles. 

The Bata Tennis shoe has been manufactured since 1936 in India for school children to wear for their Physical Education classes and continues today to be one of the brand’s best-selling shoe. 

Here are the Bata Tennis shoe updated designs for sure you'll fall inlove with!

Bata Tennis - Coca Cola in Signature

On this design, the spelt-out Coca-Cola logo is applied in white on red canvas on the whole upper shoe and matches the piping and laces. 

Bata Tennis - Coca Cola in Red Bottle Caps

Another Tennis model features the Coca-Cola red dot logo all over the front upper of the white canvas shoe, with matching red piping and laces. 

Bata Tennis - Coca Cola in White Bottle Caps

The same style is available with white dot logo (and white piping and laces) on red canvas. All styles feature white rubber outsole and toe cap.

First introduced in 1972 as a basketball shoe, Hotshot gained traction after music legend Nirvana's Kurt Cobain was spotted rocking the sneakers on several occasions during the band's heyday. 

There are different styles and color variations that make Bata’s basketball shoe rock with Coca-Cola. Here's two of the designs.

Bata Hotshots - Coca Cola in One

There is a graphic off-white version that features red stitching, laces, side and back logo, as well as a thick piping going all around the shoe; as well as the same style in off-white side and laces, with Coke’s famous tagline ‘the real thing’ embossed in statement black on the side of the sole.

Bata Hotshots - Coca Cola in The Real Thing

The Coca-Cola + Bata Heritage capsule collection will be available at the Bata store in SM Megamall on March 15, 2019.


Bata was founded by Tomas Bata in 1894 in the village of Zlin, in what is now the Czech Republic. To fulfill his objective to "shoe mankind", Bata developed many shoe-making techniques and pioneered responsible capitalism, as he believe that the purpose of business was to serve customers, employees, and communities. Company towns called "Batavilles”, which featured employee housing, schools and other facilities, were built across the world as the company expanded. 

Today Bata remains a family business that serves one million customers a day around the world and maintains its focus on corporate responsibility. Even though it is a global company now headquartered in Switzerland, the brand caters to the unique local needs of customers in countries across Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America, where it is honored to be considered a trusted local brand. In 2014, to celebrate its 120th anniversary, Bata launched its Bata Heritage collection to showcase heritage products from its vast archives of shoes that had a real impact in many different countries.

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