Hydrostatic and Liquid Smoke Testing for your Pipes


Water and sewer pipes wear down over time. It's due to a number of factors. For instance, their age or possible corrosion built up over time. In another example, they can be damaged by an accidental dig or severe weather. Furthermore, these pipes can leak for a long period of time before they entirely break.

The Meaning for Property Owners

What does this mean for property owners? Mostly, they might not notice the gradual decay of the pipes until it's too late. They may smell something rotten on occasion or notice a damp spot on the lawn when it didn't rain, but those isolated incidents might be forgotten. It's only when their bathroom is filled with waste or they notice a significant amount of water coming from their yard to they realize there's an issue.


Testing the Pipe's Structure

Once a problem is detected, those who repair these lines go to work. They use one of two tests with products from places like Hurcotech to determine the extent and location of the damage. The first is through a hydrostatic test pump. This device tests the amount of pressure a pipe can withstand. The better the pressure the less likely there's a potential leak. The second test is through liquid smoke. This non-toxic element is pushed through the pipes. There, it reaches areas such as manholes and sewer grates. If smoke is only seen in these areas then the problem is elsewhere. However, if smoke is seen rising from the yard, driveway, or other locations, then the issue is with the pipe. 

From there, the pipe is fixed. If they follow recent trends, they'll use trenchless repairs. With this method, services either coat the cracked pipe with a quick-hardening epoxy or push the old piece of pipe out with a new one. If you sense something wrong at this time, contact your local plumbing service. They will come out, perform the hydrostatic and liquid smoke tests, and efficiently repair the damaged areas. Do this now to avoid additional costs and inconvenience for you and your family on a later date.

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