Why We Should Give More Hugs This Christmas #Spread100Hugs


Have you ever felt down, disappointed, and had been disconnected to what's happening around you? I have, and I felt miserable. One of the things that made me feel good and made me go back to my natural senses are the hugs from my kids. 

A warm hug is one of the best comfort in the world. This is a small gesture that we can give to someone which give wonders. The simplest act of kindness or love that brings contentment. Aside from making you healthier, hugs can give a lot of benefits to oneself even the one receiving it. Here I listed my personal reasons on why we should give more hugs this Christmas season.


Perfect for the holiday season where everything needs to be bought. By giving a hug to someone, it may bring joy and happiness without costing a thing! Hugs are the best Christmas gift for FREE!



Scientists noted that our body releases oxytocin or what they sometime calls 'cuddle hormone' when we are being hugged. This chemical in our bodies arises whenever we are being touched and that is why it also linked to happiness. Don't you find it comforting when someone you loved, hugs you?


Ever wonder if you deal with your problems all by yourself? By having someone to hug or touch, everything will feel okay and bearable because you know you'll never be alone. You also build a strong connection with that person as well as building the trust when you opened up those problems. You'll never know, will have the best Christmas ever because you have help him/her in a small way.


Countdown to a few more days before Christmas, it makes us busy and stressed! It stresses us out with all the things we need to prepare for the holiday. When in fact, the real reason for this holiday is to be with the people who matters us the most. According to ThePsychMind, physical touch makes you healthier. Studies show that massages, hugs, and hand-holding reduces stress and boosts immune system.


Be jolly and stress-free this joyous season of the year. To help you become confident and give that best hug to someone special, use Downy on your clothes as it has the long lasting perfume freshness. No need to worry about all day hugging!

Come visit the first ever hug-activated Downy Scented Christmas Tree installation in Eastwood Mall. It will be up only until December 26, 2018 so hurry and don’t miss your chance. And in case you haven’t seen it, Miss Universe and Hug Ambassadress, Pia Wurtzbach went around the metro to #Spread100Hugs.

Christmas is all about giving and this is the season to spread hugs. So go and give someone a hug this yuletide season!

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