Bistro Charlemagne is Now Open at Ayala Malls Feliz!


Bistro Charlemagne is finally open in the Metro! No need to go all the way to Nuvali just to taste their delectable dishes! I can still remember the first time I tried them at their Nuvali branch a few years back. And here it is, they are now closer to my home. :)


Hello Bistro Charlemagne! Bistro Charlemagne is named after the owner Charlemagne Lim. Ang unique lang ng name nya. He is also super nice, hands-on and very accommodating. Managed by the same people from Little Asia (known for dishes with Asian cuisine), Bistro Charlemagne offers Asian fusion dishes that people will definitely enjoy.


The new branch  at Ayala Malls Feliz is one great evidence of them branching out to reach more people. Similar to their Nuvali branch, Bistro Charlemagne's fine dining ambiance is evident with the bricks walls, minimalist design lights and red velvety chairs. If you've been to their Nuvali branch, nakaka-intimidate at first sa ganda ng interiors nila. Though they are missing the chandeliers here (unlike the ones that they have from Nuvali), you can still feel the elegant vibe. The space can accommodate large group people or families as long tables occupy most of the space. 


Let us go to the most exciting part (as always), the food! The first time I tried Bistro Charlemagne's dishes at Nuvali, I was not immediately blown away. Sure thing I like a few dishes but the whole impact to me was just okay. I remembered my favorites that time which were Crispy Pork Belly with Peanut Sauce, Vietnamese Spring Rolls & Cantonese Prawns.

Credit to Jen of Sand Under My Feet for this pic

Before serving us with the food, each one of us chose our own drinks. I chose Four Seasons Shake. They have a wide choices for drink that you can order from. Pictured above are Blueberry Cheesecake Shake, Four Seasons, Lemonade, Banana Peanut Milkshake. Now, that sounds refreshing isn't it? 


Japanese Mixed Seafood Salad -Php315
Tossed tuna, shrimp and kani with spicy mayo finished with ebiko, tempura flakes and sweet soy.

I can taste all the kani in here and this is the kind of salad that I can eat with rice. I actually eat it with rice! It was very tasty and the spicy flavor added kick on it. Don't worry as the spiciness is tolerable.


Shrimp Poppers -Php415
Lightly buttered deep fried shrimps tossed in our special sweer chili-mayo sauce and chili oil served with a side salad.

Juicy spicy shrimp! It was very spicy for me but I still like it! Mapapakain ka talaga ng madameng rice, like I did! :)


Beef Tenderloin Rolls with Cheese - Php395
Finely rolled strips of beef tenderloin with cheese in authentic teriyaki sauce.

I will sound like a broken record about how I love cheese. I'll be bias with this dish as it has cheese on it! I love it very much! The meat is tender, tasty & juicy all in one. Sa sobrang sarap neto, my co-foodies were fighting over it! That's how good it is. :)


Vietnamese Spring Rolls -Php295
Vietnamese fried spring rolls stuffed with glass noodles, pork, crab and mushroom served with dipping sauce.

I still like their Vietnamese Spring Rolls. It is fried to perfection and one bite will be messy as it is stuffed with ingredients. I love it best when paired with the sauce. 


Little Asia's Crispy Chicken - Php325
A classic house special crispy chicken with freshly made savory gravy.

This classic dish is the very sole reason why Bistro Charlamagne is founded. A family recipe that was passed to generations. The chicken appeals to me even without the gravy but I enjoyed it more with it.

Credit to my friend Jen of Sand Under My Feet for this pic, I accidentally deleted my Ox Sisig image. :p 

Ox Sisig -Php325
Slow cooked ox tongue and tripe mixed with our special livermansi-mayo topped with chicharon bulaklak.

Sisig is one of my favorite Filipino dishes and Ox Sisig is quite something else that I can't help to gushed over it while writing this. I can't wait for the hubby to try this and he will definitely love it.


Bistro Sisig Fries -Php295
Succulent thrice-cooked pork cheeks blended with creamy chicken liver sauce on top of fries.

Fries and sisig in one plate. Packed with crispy pork cheeks and chicken liver that is oh so good! Beer na lang kulang oh! Sarap pang-pulutan neto!

We are down to Bistro Charlemagne's desserts and if you have come this far, you'll never regret it. I always have a soft heart to desserts. Maybe that is the reason why I have a changed of heart from the first time I've tried Bistro Charlemagne. Dessert makes everything better! It is a must for me to leave a little space on my tummy for those sweet little heavens and so glad that I did on this foodie meetup.


S’mores - Php245
Roasted marshmallows laid on chocolate ganache served with graham crackers.


Reese’s S’mores – Php245
Roasted marshmallows laid on peanut butter chips ganache served with graham crackers.

I liked the 2 variants of s'mores and unlike the other co-foodies, I can't tell much of the difference kasi pareho silang masarap! :)


Pandan Crepe – Php245
Solf pandan crepe flavored crepe filled with shredded coconut stewed in coconut cream and coated with palm sugar.

This is the second time I am trying this and I find it again too sweet for me.


Blueberry Custard Napoles. – Php245
Puff pastry with vanilla custard, strawberry coulis and pistachio dust.

Save the best for last! I am loving this dessert to the moon and back! Seeing this dessert for the first time, it was love at first sight and it didn't disappoint. I know, I am raving too much about it, but it was so perfect! It is one of my favorites now. 

Bistro Charlemagne BIRTHDAY TREAT! Dine here 7 days before, during and 7 days after your birthday and you'll get one FREE Little Asia's Crispy Chicken. Terms and conditions apply. Tamang tama, my birthday is a few weeks from now! :) 

So to my east side families and friends (or even to those near the area), if you lost your way at Ayala Malls Feliz, don't forget to drop by Bistro Charlemagne. They are located at 5th flr near the largest Timezone in the Philippines. And yes, you'll thank me later if you try the recommended dishes above. See for yourself!

Bistro Charlemagne Fifth Floor, Ayala Malls Feliz, 
Dela Paz, Pasig City
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