Arranging Candy In A Bouquet


When you're looking for a different kind of gift to give to someone who seems to have everything, then consider a bouquet. However, you shouldn't make just any bouquet. One with different kinds of candy is a sweet treat for someone for any holiday or special occasion. You can make candy bouquets for any age or gender. 


When you make this kind of gift, you can include items for any kind of diet as well, such as treats that are sugar-free or those that are gummy and easy to eat for someone who is unable to eat hard candies. It takes about 30 minutes to make a bouquet with candy, but you can spend as much time as you need to get all of the details just right. 


You can get a basket to hold all of the candies that you use or get four boxes of the movie candy that you think the person might like to make the container. You'll also need full candy bars and some that are miniature. Wooden skewers are used to make the bouquet. Glue the large boxes of candy together so that they make a square. Insert a foam block so that you can stick the skewers in place. Glue each piece of candy to a skewer. 

Try to get candies that go with the occasion. For Valentine's Day, try to find red, pink, and white candies. If you're making a Christmas bouquet, then consider getting items that are red and green and that have a festive theme. 

Once the skewers are in place on all of the pieces of candy, you can begin arranging them by sticking them inside the foam block. Larger candies can be put behind the smaller ones so that the arrangement looks more like flowers instead of candy bars.

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