YellowDot Millenial Jeepneys in Antipolo

Good news to Antipole├▒os! Department of Transportation (DOTr) have this new project of modern PUV/Jeepneys that will benefit commuters especially to those people whose office is at the South. It was definitely good news for me because their main terminal is at Petron Station which is located in Langhaya (lower Antipolo) a few blocks away from our house. They have a FREE test drive for almost 3 weeks now as of this writing and I myself already experienced it. :)

Credit to mommy Jicel for this picture
DOTr Project has partnered with the company YellowDot Transport Terminal Inc to provide comfort and convenience ride to commuters. For the FREE ride, only 3 units have been going from Cogeo, Antipolo to Market-Market, Taguig

The mini-bus lookalike jeepney can accommodate at-least 30 passengers. It has a high ceiling so it can still allow standing passengers. It is also equipped with FREE WiFi, fully air-conditioned, have GPS (global positioning system) and CCTVs (closed-circuit televisions). They will be using Panta tap cash for payments instead of cards once operation is on full force and I heard they will operate for 24 hrs! In addition, the so-called Millenial Jeepneys are Euro-4 compliant in compliance with the Clean Air Act of 1999.  




I am very much excited about this project! It will not only help me as a commuter but it will encourage more people to commute which will help decongest the traffic here in the Philippines. During those FREE rides, I can say that the ride is at ease. Aside from the driver, there is also a steward who assist passengers. Sobrang hassle-free for me ang ride na 'to going to the office!

Once they are on full operation, I will update this post about their fare. For more information, please like YellowDot Transport Terminal Inc. Facebook page.

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