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To be honest, reviewing restos within my area is what I really desire. Aside from there's no effort on traveling, people will discover that Marikina and Rizal are worth the visit. Here I am reviewing another special restaurant.


Welcome to Balestier! At first, looking at the outside interior, I'd never thought that this is a restaurant. I've passed the area before and it actually looked like an art gallery or something to do with events. When entering, it has a rustic feel vibe with greenery plants. 

I don't really want to have a long introduction because I want to inform you about their food that was really the highlight of this post. There are only a few restaurants where I really liked all the food that was served and one of that is Balestier. Their food doesn't disappoint! So I'll start introducing them right away!


Crispy Chili Beef Strips – Php310
*Beef strips/ Honey chili sauce/ Red bell pepper/ Onions.*

Crisp, spicy and sweet! Can be compared to tapa but I like this one better. Can be eaten with rice but I also prefer it as it is. It is one good appetizer.


Potstickers – Php175
*Pulled beef/ Mozzarella/ Yakitori sauce/ Sesame salad.* 

Don't be fooled by how small this portion is and take a bite as it is full of tasty pulled beef that goes well with the sesame salad. I am wishing there is more salad to this one as it really complements the dish.


Zhenjiang Ribs – Php375
*Pork spareribs/ Zhen jiang sauce/ Mozzarella.*

Tender ribs with melted cheese! I can't say anything more 'coz my weakness is cheese! This is love!


Hainanese Chicken – Php260
*Quarter hainanese chicken/ Chicken rice/ Ginger/ Dark soya sauce/ Chili.*

One of my mom's good recipe is a Hainanese Chicken and it is one of my favorites from her homecooked dishes. You can say that this dish is simple with how it looks but once you know how it was made it will be clear. Hainanese Chicken is cooked by locking in its natural flavors thus you can simply enjoy its taste. Balestier's Hainanese Chicken without the sauce is flavorful. It is also good with the chicken flavored rice. But you'll enjoy it more with the sauces. I personally love it on the ginger sauce.


Salted Egg Wings – Php250
*Chicken wings/ Salted egg/ Chili/ Curry leaves.*

I was never a fan of salted egg chips but when a salted egg is combined with dishes, it is totally a different story. I can't remember any dish that I didn't love with salted egg with. The salted egg is evident on their wings. 


Laksa Tsukemen – Php435
*Laksa broth/ Egg noodles/ Prawns/ Fish cake/ Lemongrass/ Bean sprouts/ Sous vida egg.*

I did mention here before on the blog that I am not a ramen person. I am also not into too much spicy food. When you ask me to try laksa, I'll hesitate to eat it. Knowing that dish is so full of spice, I'll probably not be able to tolerate the spiciness. But Balestier's different take on ramen & laksa will somehow change my point of view. This is my first time eating this kind of ramen so it was kinda special for me. Their kind of ramen is eaten in a different way. If you don't like your noodles too soggy because of the soup, this one is for you. 

Laksa Tsukemen is a Japanese word means dipping ramen. The noodles are served separate from the soup, then dipped to season and moisten the noodles.

The best way to eat your Laksa Tsukemen:
1. Squeezed lemon over noodles.
2. Break egg: mix it with noodles.
3. Dip noodles into soup.

The laksa broth is tolerable and the taste is definitely there. This is a fun twist of dish that even me, a not-so-ramen-lover will love.

Balestier is one of those restaurants in Marikina that you'll definitely not regret visiting. Another gem in Marikina discovered! 

Additional Detail: Parking is limited.
14 Nicanor 
Roxas Street, 
San Roque, 
Marikina City

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