What's Wrong with Secretary Kim KDrama Review

What's Wrong with Secretary Kim Review

I saw one episode of What's Wrong with Secretary Kim at our office pantry when we had one of our breaks. It was a tagalized version on ABS Channel 2. And I thought I haven't been able to watch Koreanovela for quite some time. After watching this, I decided to finally watch Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo. Wala lang, parang na-feel ko lang manuod ulet kasi I am sad lately. Watching KDrama is one way of destressing for me.

Revolves around the narcissistic President of a major corporation, Lee Young-joon, and his highly capable secretary, Kim Mi-so. Misunderstandings arise when she announces that she will resign from her position, after working for Lee Young-joon for nine years.

Release Dates: June 6 – July 26, 2018

Seasons & Episodes: One season with 16 episodes.

Main Characters & Supporting:

  • Park Seo-joon as Lee Young-joon
  • Park Min-young as Kim Mi-so
  • Lee Tae-hwan as Lee Sung-yeon/Morpheus
  • Kang Ki-young as Park Yoo-sik Director of Yumyeon Group. Young-joon's best friend.
  • Pyo Ye-jin as Kim Ji-a A rookie secretary under Mi-so.
  • Hwang Chan-sung as Go Gwi-nam He is known for being a workaholic, and extreme frugality.
  • Hwang Bo-ra as Bong Se-ra
  • Baek Eun-hye as Kim Pil-nam, Mi-so's oldest sister
  • Heo Sun-mi as Kim Mal-hee, Mi-so's second oldest sister[13]
  • Jo Deok-hyun as Mi-so's father


My Thoughts & Impressions:

  • At first, I thought the chemistry between the 2 leads will not work. But going thru the series I somehow felt the connection especially on those scenes where the Lee Young-joon na mahal na nya naman pala si Secretary ever since.
  • I don't find the lead actor handsome, but a little smile goes a long way. I thought that he portrayed a strict boss well. Medyo nakakatawa din sya kapag pinupuri nya yung sarili nya. Aura! :D
  • As for the Secretary, yes she is indeed beautiful and reminded me of our beautiful muse back in high-school. Nakakainis na kahit naka-shorts lang sya mukha pa din syang sophisticated!
  • Kang Ki-young is still present here as the funny best friend. This is by far his funniest role for me.
  • For the supporting casts, the funny one goes to Bong Se-ra with the bra pad and soda scene. :) And medyo awkward lang ako dun sa kanilang mga co-workers na napaka-gullible lang pero hirap ma-distinguish kung alin ba yung totoo sa tsismis! :D
  • I liked how the series started but got lost thru the transition and how they connected the dots on that kidnapping story.
  • I don't buy the kidnapping story, I was totally confused. I waited on for a few more episodes to understand it. They actually failed to convince me on this part.
  • I was a bit disappointed with Kim Mi-so's decision to retract her resignation and to just continue being a Secretary to Lee Young-joon. I thought talaga mag-abroad sya kasi she saw their picture 9 years ago when they went abroad. I felt like, she will go overseas to enhance and learn a new skill, but nah, it didn't happen. I think they can still play around this story more.
  • I was tired waiting for the finale when initially after resolving the kidnapping story it will already end there but they inserted a few more scenes which I became impatient and come to the wedding scene I was not that excited anymore.
  • Expect a lot of kissing scenes, I am not complaining though I am not sure if its just me or some of the kissing scenes are not transitioned smoothly.
  • I didn't totally like this series but don't hate it either. I was hooked for a few episodes and a few of those heart fluttering scenes. 

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