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Lately, I've been really lazy with my skincareAminin mo, may mga times na kahit gusto mo magkaroon ng clear skin pero sa sobrang busy mu, itutulog mu na lang. At dahil pinupuyat ko na naman ulet ang sarili ko sa kakanuod ng mga KDramas, I think it's time to look into my skin again. I am really a fan of skincare products. I believe kasi na kahit hindi na ko mag-invest sa mga expensive na make-ups as long as I am taking my skin seriously, I will do ok. Recently, I was given these new set of products to try. They are mostly whitening soaps, though I am really not into whitening (I love my skin color!), I am still open to trying new products. Just make sure that your skin is not sensitive and prone to breakouts before you try something new.


Here, I've got products from Novelina. Novelina, a novel line of hair care and skin care products that will defy age and redefine beauty. Behind the Novelina brand is a guarantee of quality, efficacy, and safety. The special Japanese formulations are the result of extensive research and development that incorporates not only the newest ingredients but the latest technology as well. The uniquely blended ingredients are manufactured under strict quality control procedures resulting in products that offer reasonable/affordable pricing without compromising benefits.


A soap that works by gently washing the skin, lightens, rejuvenates and also provides optimum protection from pollution. 

It claims to have a fresh looking and lighter skin. I will make your skin soft, smooth and younger looking complexion. It will also give a supple, firm and glowing skin

Contains two powerful whitening ingredients- Glutathione (master antioxidant) and Tres Blanche (an expertly blended skin whitener, 10x more effective than Kojic Acid), Snail Serum (an anti-aging and healing agent) and has Natural Bioactive ingredients – Aloe, Broccoli and Citrus (pollution shield). Check out the other ingredients below. 



A mild yet effective deep pore cleanser that brighten, repair damage tissues, heals acne and provide optimum protection from pollution. Contains powerful deep pore cleanser ingredients (Kaolin Clay), Skin Brightener; Fortified with Snail Serum – a healing agent to treat acne and with natural bioactive ingredients –  Aloe, Broccoli and Citrus as pollution shield.


It claims to cleanse the face and brightens skin stone. It also prevent & heal acne. It protects skin from environmental pollution & stress. 

Check out the usage guide and ingredients below.



Contains Coenzyme Q10 known to be a natural antioxidant that fights UVA damage that normally causes skin to look older. It is enhanced with fish scale collagen to make skin tighter more supple.


It claims to helps reduce fine lines and other signs of skin aging, helps make skin smoother and younger looking, and helps reduce dark spots and UVA damage caused by sun exposure

Check the directions for use, ingredients, and caution below.


Novelina also offers other products aside from skincare. Visit their website for more information.

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