Sleep on Silk and Have a Beauty Sleep

Sleep is probably the most affordable luxury yet. By having enough sleep, you’ll gain your energy and have that beauty of being refreshed! It is the best way to feel and look good and it doesn’t cost you anything. On my rest days, I usually prefer catching up on my sleep as my weekdays are my busiest days. I usually sleep on my comfortable clothes/pajamas when sleeping. Plus clean pillows and bedding's will do just fine. But did you know that sleeping on silk provides several benefits.


Here in the Philippines where we usually experience hot weathers, silk is the best option to feel more hydrated than using over conventional cotton or manufactured polyester fibers. It will feel wonderful on the skin like the kind of luxury that we typically set aside from salons and spas. It is also good for people who have sensitive skin.

And if you are like me who do a night skin routine before sleeping, having a silk pillowcase can prevent drawing out that moisture you put in your face. This is a great tip for those who have dry and flaky skin, use silk to better moisturize your skin after adding those skincare products. It doesn’t absorb the natural moisture from your face. It is actually practical as it adds to your beauty regimen without a cost. Well if you haven’t bought yet your silk stuff, you’ll have to shell out a bit. But this is one great investment if you want that luxurious sleep.


Aside from the wonders that silk can give to one’s skin is the benefit that it can provide to your hair. A silk pillowcase for hair is an ideal addition on your bed to provide a superb night’s sleep and will keep your hair tangle-free and prevents breakage.


Because we already talk about pillowcases, why not choose silk bed set too to complete that undisturbed sleep feeling it so smooth and comfortable while you sleep. We are almost ready for having that beauty sleep, but we should also include our silk pajamas which are worth it in terms of comfort and softness. When sleeping, we should always wear comfortable clothes. Silk is lightweight so you could never go wrong with it and it is definitely a great investment for a bedtime routine.


Let us take our beauty sleep to the next level with these bedroom essentials which can be found on FreedomSilk.

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