Super Relate! Mcdonald's McDelivery Commercial

Have you seen the latest commercial of McDonald's McDelivery where a twin parent makes an effort not to make any noises because their twin babies are asleep?


Well, I can totally relate to this commercial! I also have twin-boys that is why I laugh out so loud when I saw this. I can still remember when we finally got a chance to take home the twin-boys from their long stay from the hospital's NICU. We don't get a lot of sleep and can't even have a decent food. We were first time parent and we were overwhelmed. Even if we tried to make the two boys sleep and drink milk at the same time, they still make it to a point to be awake separately. So there will never be a chance to eat a good meal.

Thank goodness for McDelivery! The convenience of having our favorite Fries and Burgers ordered from the comfort of our home is one click away. Up to this day, we always rely on McDelivery especially if the kids get hungry in the middle of the night. No need to worry of getting out from our house as we wait for our order to be delivered.


If you haven't watch the commercial yet, check the Youtube video below:

Oh diba? Super makakarelate ka talaga sa commercial na 'to especially if you are a parent. And on the other note, my kids are hungry at this very hour. Makapag-McDelivery nga. :D

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