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I will tell you a secret, I was nervous when I become a mom. Another addition to my worries was that I have two babies at once. Yes, I have twin-boys for a first time mom. I don't even know where to start and there I am, giving birth to two boys. I can still remember that time when I am so afraid to give them a bath. How can you give a bath to two boys whose skin were so fragile and soft? It was never easy. We were recommended to use gentle product for their skin. I don't have any idea on what product to use. We used Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser for starters. I even use it to my skin that time. Cetaphil helped my kids' skin to be healthy.

In line with Cetaphil's #7DaysofCetaphil, it marks the first day of its anticipated event celebrating healthy and beautiful #MyCetaphilSkin. 7 Days of Cetaphil runs until August 26, 2018 in SM Makati and highlights the three prongs of holistic health. Aside from the hottest discounts and promos for all Cetaphil products, skincare discussions and activities with different topic for each day.


There was a discussion for first time moms where it tackled neo-natal care and developing child care. It was a great topic where we were informed about our baby's skin healthcare that can reflect our baby's overall health. Mommies would agree that we are reassured that our babies are healthy if they have good-looking skin. For us it is also a sign of good parenting.

But with a lot of information which is quite overwhelming, we still don't know what to do or what to provide to our kids' skincare needs. For instance, up to 50% of mothers do not recognize that their baby has clinically visible dry skin. Skin barrier damage may result to baby's discomfort and if that happens it will also difficult from our part as babies can't really tell on what's happening or what they exactly feel.


There are a lot of factors that may contribute to baby's dry skin and that is where Cetaphil Baby comes in. Dra. Donna Marie Leelon-Sarrosa informed mommies the importance of choosing the right cleanser for our babies. The ideal cleanser removed debris without drying or irritating the skin. 

Mild cleansers are perfect for our babies skin. It also doesn't imply the lack of efficacy in cleansing. There is also an absent or minimal irritation and adverse effects to skin compared to typical soap-based products. First breakthrough in mild cleansing are the synthetic detergents or "syndet". It also has to be PH-balanced as it should not alter the the normal PH of skin. 

It was also reiterated the essential use of moisturizer after cleansing the skin. I was never a fan of using any lotion on my baby's skin at an early age. But from what I learned from the discussion, you can use a right product for a newborn's skin. Dra Leelon-Sarrosa helped us identify on what is an ideal moisturizer.

  • Able to hydrate the stratum corneum causing reduction and prevention of insensible TEWL.
  • Helpful in restoring the lipid barrier
  • Absorbed rapidly providing immediate hydration
  • Cosmetically elegant and acceptable
  • Hypoallergenic, nonsensitizing
  • Fragrance free, non comedogenic
  • Long lasting
  • Affordable
  • May contain anti-inflammatory components

To use the moisturizer, apply it 2-3 times a day. Then, apply immediately after washing/bathing to trap the moisture in the skin. Generally, topical medical and applied before moisturizers. Continue using the moisturizers as a regular regimen.


Celebrity mom, Kaye Abad was also present at the event where she also shared her experiences on bathing her son. She is a proud user of Cetaphil even before they come up to her to endorse the product. We can all relate to her experiences as a mom as she described her ups and downs on taking care of her son.

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Choose your Cetaphil in this year's Cetaphil 7 Days and use #MyCetaphilSkin and #7DaysOfCetaphil to let them know what goes into your health routine. Follow @cetaphilph on Instagram and like Cetaphil Philippines on Facebook for the latest updates.

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