11 Coolest Camping Trends in 2018

The coolest thing about camping is the experience. It is exciting to think about you, your family, and your friends surrounding a campfire and cherishing the moment.

The great thing about Aussie camping is that people keep finding new ways to spice things up. While your current camping experience looks ideal, it can always get better.


Can you think of ideas to make your upcoming camping trip a lot better compared to the last one? If you can’t, here is a list of the 11 coolest camping trends you should try the next time you go on a camping adventure.

Camping Trend #1: Portable everything

Some people will tell you that the woods would not be a good place for technology. However, you don’t have to be limited by such notion. There are so many portable devices, items, sports equipment, and gadgets you can bring on your camping trip. Examples include a portable soccer net, a portable fire pit, and even a portable shower if you want to take a refreshing bath in the wilderness. If you can go all out, why not?

Camping Trend #2: Next generation picnic baskets

The picnic baskets of today are able to hold more than fruits and sandwiches. Most baskets have built-in thermally-insulated cooler bags to keep your food and beverages cool despite the heat.

Camping Trend #3: Inflatable outdoor chairs/couches 

If there are no big logs within your campsite, why not bring your own furniture? Inflatable furniture pieces are easy to carry and are manufactured with quality nylon fabric.


Camping Trend #4: Connectable tents

You can make the best out of your camping trip with the best people to accompany you. If you really want to spend the entire time together, why not purchase a connectable tent that can shelter more than five people? The more, the merrier!

Camping Trend #5: Solar panels

Solar panels for camping are big in Australia. You can see people carrying portable or folding solar panels around camping spots. You can purchase them for as low as $150. They have 120 to 250 watts for reliable energy source. In addition, the panels are designed to be efficient, easy to carry, and easy to set up. Most products are equipped with monocrystalline solar cells.


Camping Trend #6: Reusable tools and items

What better way to enjoy your time with Mother Nature than experiencing the outdoors and taking care of it? Reusable utensils, containers, lunchboxes, and water jugs will help you limit the trash you leave behind. This a good practice to observe wherever you may choose to camp.

Camping Trend #7: Mummy sleeping bags

Bring your own fortress of solitude in the form of a mummy sleeping bag. What better way to protect yourself from the cold than to cover yourself in a cocoon made of tear-resistant polyester fibre? This is one of the “must-bring” camping gears right now. Keep in mind that connectable sleeping bags are also available for you and your loved ones.

Camping Trend #8: Portable generators

If you are not sold on the idea of solar power for camping, why not bring your own generator? Camping generators or inverter generators are high in demand in Australia. Other than their portable features, these generators can supply reliable electricity for long hours.

Camping Trend #9: Futuristic caravans

Camping in Australia includes cool and rad caravans with amazing features and functions. Just like automobiles, camping caravans are getting stylish upgrades. Some even look like cars from the future, with their slick and lean designs. Other than that, there are also aquatic, Sealander, and geometric caravans. 


Camping Trend #10: Bramping

This trend is not suitable for the young ones but will surely pump up the adults. Bramping is brewery camping, a camping trip with all the activities plus ice cold beers. Authorities, however, encourage people to be responsible when consuming alcohol outdoors. 

If you plan to go bramping, go easy on the booze and make sure to clean up all the cans and bottles afterwards.


Camping Trend #11: Treehouse glamping

Some people are not cut out for the harsh conditions of the outdoors. While they love communing with nature, having to deal with insects, dirt, and sleeping on the ground may disappoint them, making them not want to go camping again.

This brought about the concept of treehouse camping or glamping. People can camp in glamorous treehouses that offer the comfort and convenience of a hotel room. This is the perfect way to camp out for people who would like to enjoy the outdoors and wake up in the middle of the woods without having to rough it up.


Camping trends come and go, especially with avid campers constantly innovating. 

All you have to do for now is plan your next trip and come up with cool ideas on how you can make your next trip a blast. Think outside the box and maybe you can think of new ideas for camping, which you can share with millions of campers all over the world.

If you want to try some of the cool trends listed above, be sure you have the right equipment for them. Check out Outbaxcamping for all your camping needs!

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