Templo: Modern Szechuan Restaurant in Manila

Templo: Modern Szechuan Restaurant in Manila

I lost my way again in Banawe just a few days back to taste authentic Szechuan dishes. I visited Templo with a few fellow Zomato foodies to try a different taste of Chinese cuisine. It is quite surprising that this tiny restaurant has a lot to offer in terms of food. It is also located near a carwash so you'll have another reason to stay and wait for a while you enjoy their food.

Templo: Modern Szechuan Restaurant in Manila

When you enter Templo, the red color is everywhere. It is a sign of good luck in Chinese. Even if it is a tiny restaurant, it is neat and well decorated. Several drinks are placed on the counter and on the other side are pieces that are for sale like bracelets, and other for luck items.

Templo: Modern Szechuan Restaurant in Manila

Those cute chairs got my attention too!

Templo: Modern Szechuan Restaurant in Manila


Templo is one of the few restaurants in Manila that offers Szechuan dishes. Szechuan cuisine originates from the province of Sichuan Province of Southwestern China. This is the region famous for bold flavors with generous servings of chili peppers, garlic, and several more spices. So prepare yourself for spicy and unique flavors.

Templo: Modern Szechuan Restaurant in Manila

Noodles & Soup

Emperor's Secret Soup PHP865

The distinct flavor of ginseng is there. It contains Herba Epimedu, dried scallops, exotic mushrooms and radox ginseng. This soup is very healthy and has many great benefits.

Templo - Emperor's Secret Soup


X.O. Fried Rice (PHP312.00) Upgraded to Black Rice (+PHP65)

I never thought that a black rice is this flavorful. I had several spoonfuls of this, thanks to the spiciness of the dishes that are a perfect pair to this rice.

Templo - X.O. Fried Rice


Halibut Chong Qing Style PHP485

A spicy broth soup with seafood. Quite a flavor with several spices that has the rich red color soup. Spicy but comforting dish. 

Templo - Halibut Chong Qing Style

Salted Egg Squid PHP325

One of my favorites is this salted egg squid. Crispy and not too oily.

Templo - Salted Egg Squid

Pork & Beef

Pork Ear Vinaigrette PHP212

Chinese kinilaw version but with pork ear. They're seriously tasty and delicious. If you are curious and brave enough to ear pork ear, this dish will get you excited.

Templo - Pork Ear Vinaigrette

Szechuan Signature Sliced Pork PHP298

The reason I drank too many milk tea's! :) Packed with chilis with thinly sliced pork. It is spicy but the flavor is there.

Templo - Szechuan Signature Sliced Pork

Beef Brisket PHP345

Beef Brisket slathered in sauce. The beef is tender and juicy. This is also the crowd favorite.

Templo - Beef Brisket


Refreshing drinks that you should try are Avocado Milkshake PHP185, Templo's Signature Milk Tea PHP115, Tamarind Iced Tea PHP98, and their very own Lick Iced Tea on Peach flavor.

Templo Refreshing Drinks

I personally enjoyed tasting the dishes here at Templo. If you are new to Szechuan dishes, don't hesitate and discover how unique and tasty their dishes are. I can tolerate the spiciness of their dishes so I think you will do ok. You can also ask their chef to change the spicy level.

Templo: Modern Szechuan Restaurant in Manila

Overall, it was a great experience to try Szechuan dishes at Templo. If you are on a challenge of eating spicy food, don't forget to join their Templo Spicy Szechuan Challenge!

Templo Spicy Szechuan Challenge

To win, contestants must finish the whole serving of Templo's 120g Double Hot Szechuan Sliced Pork including the peppercorns and chilis (ALL EDIBLE ELEMENTS MUST BE CONSUMED) for 3 minutes and upon completion, endure two more minutes without eating your reward of Butter Milk Coated Ice Cream.

If you succeed in finishing your serving of Szechuan! You win bragging rights, your coated ice cream and your Szechuan Sliced Pork meal will be free of charge too. YEHEY!

Restaurants are solely responsible for the service; availability and quality of the events including all or any cancellations/ modifications/ complaints.


Dapitan Lifestyle Complex, 
55 Dapitan Corner D. Tuazon Street, 
Banawe, Quezon City 1114

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