No-Fail Hairstyles Using Hair Extensions

I do mention a lot how hair extensions can be a big investment to every girl. It can be convenient to a busy girl aiming a change of look. You can create several looks and switch into a different hairstyle that will save you time, effort and money. It is also the easiest way to add volume, length, and thickness to any hairstyles. Using hair extensions to create the beautiful hair goal will just be a snap away as soon as you master the use of it.

No-Fail Hairstyles Using Hair Extensions

There are several no-fail hairstyles using hair extensions. The possibilities are endless if you use your wide and creative imagination. I'll be tackling a few of these here. Top celebrities have been using hair extensions to achieve different looks. Take some inspiration from these Holywood celebrities to make that next hairstyle choice.


High Ponytail Hairstyle. Ariana Grande is known for her iconic high ponytail hairstyle. It is just a simple pony but it looks classy, sleek and very practical. Wear this kind of hairstyle on a half or go full. This needs a lot of volumes so there is teasing to create texture. Ariana's high ponytail features a long and big style so we need help by adding hair extensions. For a full high ponytail, you can gather all your hair up and wrap around hair bundles on to the ponytail to make your hair longer. 

straight_hair_3_bundles_brazilian_remy_human_hair        straight_hair_4_bundles_with_one_44_lace_closure_brazilian_remy_human_hair

Wedding Hairstyles. I know this is not your everyday hairstyle but I think it needs to be included on the list as this is the go-to-hairstyles of wedding brides. A wedding is the most awaited moment of every woman in her life. So finding that perfect hairstyle sometimes requires too much effort especially if you are having a bad hair day and it doesn't have enough volume for styling. 


Well not to worry anymore, short-haired brides and even those with this hair can achieve a beautiful wedding hairstyle by adding lace closure long hair extensions. It can be created with big bouncy curls, add accessories, flowers, with heatless romantic curls. Elegant loose braids are also achievable as it doesn't have to be perfectly done. 

Messy Updo. This hairstyle is a staple on celebrities at red carpets. It looks hard to make at first but it is one of the easiest hairstyle on-the-go. A clip-in kind of hair extensions can be used on this updo by controlling on where to correctly place it. Add in your clip-in extension to the right place. Throw your hair into a hair bun, it doesn't need to be perfect as we are trying to achieve a messy look. The great thing about it is you don't need to use the full set as you'll use the method of teasing to shape the messy part. Taylor Swift definitely rocks this look!


Braids Hairstyles. Braids are classic. It is one of the most beautiful and creative hairstyles one can do on their hair. Braids are usually worn during weddings as it creates romantic vibe on the wedding bride. Though it makes much practice to learn how to braid, it is one of the easiest ways a hairstylist can do if they ran out of ideas for a hairstyle. 


A little help from 360 frontal & weave extensions, take your braiding hairstyles to the next level as it adds an incredible amount of volume to your desired style. This is very useful to girls with thin hair and struggling on achieving variations to play around with their hair. With the versatility of hair extensions, it will enhance your dull hair and make it look longer too for a dramatic effect.

body_wave_3_bundles_with_one_360_lace_frontal_brazilian_remy_human_hair    body_wave_3_bundles_with_one_360_lace_frontal_brazilian_remy_human_hair

Won't you agree with me that these are the no-fail hairstyles using hair extensions? These are just a few and I am sure that there are still a lot out there. What other no-fail hairstyles can you think of using hair extensions? Would love to read it in the comments below.

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