Celebrate #Curvalicious: Fearless, Fierce, And Playfully Bold

Celebrate #Curvalicious
Let's celebrate YOU! Fearless, fierce and playfully bold, you are today's modern woman who aspires and inspires. You're all about spunk and spirit, always brave and daring, nothing ever holding you back. You are #Curvalicious.

Whisper moves to celebrate the modern woman (like you are!) who is fearless, fierce, and playfully bold, through the new #Curvalicious movement.

Join The Movement

Woman, you bring forward a whole new level of attitude and confidence, one that inspires and encourages other women to keep slaying, keep winning, and keep doing their thing - no holds barred. They are unabashedly beautiful, confident wherever they go, unfazed by nothing, and empowered from within. Your time is now.

Together with Whisper, join and be part of the #Curvalicious movement: a celebration of you, for you - the modern woman who is brave and daring, who powers through whatever needs to be done to achieve her goals and be the best woman she imagines herself to be.

With the help of Whisper, we can empower young women to provide support and need for feminine care so we can focus on the tasks at hand.

Slay, even on your worst day

Even on red days - stay sassy, stay edgy, stay your fabulous self. Because yes, absolutely nothing can stop us! Be present and keep your focus on what needs to be done.

Celebrate #Curvalicious

Whisper's upgraded pads now feature the new #Curvalicious fit, with a bump on the pad that ensures a more snug fit, so you feel confidently comfortable, as you would do on a regular day. Its soft cotton cover and dermacare lotion care for your skin, and with the pad's longer fit, 12-hour leak protection, and anti-leak barriers from all sides, you have absolutely no reason to worry!

Celebrate #Curvalicious

Celebrate #Curvalicious

Remember this: We women are inspiring the way we are. The more we exude confidence, flaunt our bold moves, and shamelessly show the world who we are, the more we are able to encourage women around us.

Celebrate #Curvalicious

And Whisper's #Curvalicious battle cry is all about celebrating that. It's a woman for women movement that you shouldn't miss out on!


Whisper is the world's leader in feminine protection. Whisper, as part of Procter & Gamble Company, aims to make woman's period a happier, more positive experience - empowering and inspiring confidence in women even on their period. Whisper offers a range of products that provide fast absorption and leakage protection for unrestrained movement throughout the day and night.

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