Affordable Prescription Eyeglasses

I can't really recall how many times I've changed my prescription eyeglasses. Ever since I am in Grade School, I wore one because I often got headaches. Then I continued to have blurred visions from reading pocketbooks since Grade 6. Now, I am already a mom, my visions were greatly affected. Last year, my grade visions were 100/150 and then my youngest daughter broke my everyday eyeglasses. Then, I was lazy to even use one. I thought to myself, I can still see without even using it. And voila, my grade vision went up to 150/150. Thanks to me, not caring at all. :)

Being practical as always, I don't usually splurge on expensive prescription eyeglasses especially if I have other options. The usual rate of my eyeglasses is not above PHP1,500. I often get one when there's a promo at the office and they'll provide installments for employees.

Affordable Prescription Eyeglasses

When I finally had the time to buy new eyeglasses, I went to Market Market to score affordable ones. I initially wanted to go to Quiapo but I am just so lazy to go there. One of my officemates advised me to go at Eye Eksperts in Market Market located on the 2nd floor. 

Eye Eksperts - Market Market

I went to EO first to check their eyeglasses frames but never really found one that I liked. I usually buy contact lenses from EO but I don't want to wear contact lenses nowadays. I opted to get eyeglasses from i2i. I scored buy 1 take 1 from them for PHP600 only. The good thing about those eyeglasses is they are bendable when you fold it. My previous eyeglasses were broken on the part of the hinges including the screws. This is one of the great advantages if in case the kids get a hold of it and tried to sit on it.

Affordable Prescription Eyeglasses

I decided to get 2 eyeglasses this time from i2i and had my eyes checked at Eye Eksperts. They can change your chosen eyeglasses' lenses (multicoated + UV protection) to whatever grade vision your eyes have. The price of my lenses are PHP1,000 and it may vary on your grade. The higher the grade, the more expensive it is. The total cost of my 2 prescription eyeglasses is PHP2,600, not bad, isn't it?

Eye Eksperts can do a lot of eyeglasses repairs. All you have to do is visit them so they could check your eyeglasses. They can't work on plastic ones though. i2i is located at the ground flr. while Eye Eksperts is located at the 2nd flr. in Market Market.

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