Belissima Egg White Skin Whitening Beauty Soap Review

Belissima Egg White Skin Whitening Beauty Soap Review

I am all about natural when it comes to skincare. In fact, using natural products on your skin is far more effective than anything else. I used to put calamansi on my face, armpits, knees, and elbows. It will brighten up the dark spots on your body, make it smooth, and tightens your pores. But it stings and takes a lot of effort. (Tiis ganda, ika nga nila!) You also need to moisturize after if you decide to do this as it really makes your skin dry. Egg whites are also a great ingredient for a DIY home skincare. It helps tighten your pores and remove excessive oil. And while we are at it, here's one great product that I recently tried with egg whites on it. 

Product Description & Claims

Bellissima Egg White Skin Whitening Beauty Soap is made from real egg whites, which have many proven benefits (which I indicated above). It lightens using Kojic to give you an immediate glow. It also helps prevent acne, tighten and soften your skin.

Belissima Egg White Skin Whitening Beauty Soap Review

Price and Packaging

Price per box is at PHP55 but you can get two at PHP85 from Puregold. The packaging comes in a blue on one side and white box on the other side. On the box, it is also indicated what are the benefits, ingredients, and directions for use. The soap is shaped like an egg with an engraved Bellissima logo on it. The size per soap is 90g.

Belissima Egg White Skin Whitening Beauty Soap Review

My Verdict

I've tried using the soap for at least 2 weeks to provide this review. It smells nice and clean. One soap will go a long way! (Hindi sya madaling matunaw, promise!). Been using it everyday and I feel like the size is not changing! Lol! I usually use it on my body and once you lather, it is creamy and it will really moisturize your skin. Leaves your skin feeling smooth! On its whitening effect, I can't really see the progress though it is not really a big deal for me. I am not a fan of whitening products since I embrace the color of my skin more. But hey, maybe use it consecutively and will see the results. 

Will I repurchase? Definitely! A great product with an affordable price that I can use everyday.

Belissima Egg White Skin Whitening Beauty Soap Review

Belissima Egg White 
Skin Whitening Beauty Soap

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