JFK Fragrances: The Essence of Power

Who doesn't love perfume? Perfume they said is your message, your scented slogan. It is also used to attract the opposite sex. For some finding that right perfume is personal because it may distinct their individuality. Others may have signature scents or maybe changing perfumes from one to another depending on their moods and style. 

Just last week, I was invited to attend the JFK Fragrances event. You might be wondering what is JFK Fragrances? JFK Fragrances is an American inspired fragrance company that envisions to be the leader in the personal fragrance market in the next 5 years. Its essential oils are sourced from the very best suppliers in Europe. Each product is carefully crafted & blended to delight customers.

JFK Fragrances: The Essence of Power

In the Philippines, it just launched 4 quality affordable banner products.


Enchante' is for the woman who is mystical & alluring. A scent with magical tones that takes one to fairyland Don an enchanting, surreal & effortlessly tantalizing presence that lasts even when you're long gone. Charm your way with Enchante'!

JFK Fragrances - Enchante'


Sophistique' is for the luxurious and distinctively tasteful woman. It creates an aura that is both disarming and romantic to a fault. Seductively elegant & passionate it evokes a tenor of power. Sophistique is simply glamorous!

JFK Fragrances - Sophistique'


Tux has a manly yet elegant presence. Magnetic and charming it is for the man in control. As soon as it is sprayed an air of domineering & hypnotic power pervades. Tux will definitely have that power to attract.

JFK Fragrances - Tux


Aqua Mist is for the adventurer in you. Romantic yet cool and passionate you dazzle to conquer new worlds each day. A dreamer's scent that drifts you to irresistible sensual encounters. Dare to conquer with Aqua!

JFK Fragrances - Aqua

Both Sophistique' & Tux are more formal or corporate scents while both Aqua Mist & Enchante' are sporty and good for casual wear.

What makes JFK Fragrances superior to competition is the percentage content of essential oils. All JFK products are EDP-Eau de Parfum with 20% fragrance oil content imported from France. This means that they last longer and are superior to most popular brands in the market that are just EDT or Eau De Toilette.

JFK Fragrances believes in the spirit of the Filipino. It hopes to provide livelihood opportunities to former BPO employees, housewives and returning OFW's.

JFK's focus is the customer: to deliver a delightful & memorable experience not just for the user but for the people around him as well.

For more information about JFK Fragrances, please visit or call:
Unit i, 2nd Floot Westgate Tower, Madrigal Business Park, Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa City.
Mobile:  09338587190/09328603254/09338129123 Office: (02) 8216743
Email: jfkfragrances@gmail.com
FB: JFK Fragrances

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