Baby Dove Encourages Moms To Trust Their Own Way

Baby Dove Encourages Moms To Trust Their Own Way

When I first become a mom to my twins 4 years ago, I was nervous, afraid, and a lot of anxiety attacked me. I was never really confident to be a mom. It was unexpected and never planned. And yet I'd had 2 lives growing inside my belly. Adding to the fact that I don't have my mom beside me to guide me and rely everything on the net and to my OB. Then last year, another bundle of joy came to our life. I have 3 kids who needs me more than anyone else. But being the breadwinner of the family, I can't always be there for them. I spent most of my hours at the office and traveling going to work. I am always exhausted when I am coming home to them and they are already fast asleep whenever I come home late. I sometimes or mostly always felt the guilt inside me on why not just stay home and be with the kids so I can just take care of them. I always question myself if I am still doing the right thing as a mom.

Motherhood is exhausting. It is challenging most of the times too. I never get to sleep 8 hours sleep everyday. My breast sore but I still need to breastfeed my youngest daughter. Tired from work and will come home to a lot of house chores. How about the 2 weeks worth of laundry clothes that I'll just toss on the washing machine. Motherhood is a never ending responsibility. But you know what moms? I never been this happy in my life as I am before I become a mom. Yeah it is hard but it gives me the feeling of fulfillment whenever I see my kids happy and it will just squeeze my heart. All the work as a mom is overwhelming and stressful but my kids are what keeps me moving everyday. When I look at them I know that I can be the best mom that I can be in my own way. 

Baby Dove Encourages Moms To Trust Their Own Way

And I just felt more confident that the product that I trusted for a long time encourages moms to trust their own way. For over 60 years, Dove has been spreading the message of real beauty to women all around the world - encouraging them that beauty should be a source of confidence, not anxiety. Now, as Dove would like to extend the same message to to mothers with Baby Dove, a premium line of baby products that goes beyond mildness to help moisturize baby's skin. Yes, being a mom is hard but it is also the most satisfying role a woman can have. And for sure it's easy to feel overwhelmed and to stop believing in one's own instincts. But at Baby Dove, they belive that there are no perfect moms, just real ones.

Baby Dove Encourages Moms To Trust Their Own Way

Baby Dove Rich Moisture

Give your baby tip-to-toe care with the Baby Dove Rich Moisture range. From baby body wash to baby lotions, it goes beyond mildness to help keep your little one’s skin, hair and scalp healthy.

Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture

If your little one has sensitive skin, they need extra-special care to keep it soft and soothed. Help minimize skin allergies with the Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture range.
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Baby Dove Encourages Moms To Trust Their Own Way

There's no right or wrong way to being a mom only your way. Using Dove Baby products that gently nourish and care for our baby’s delicate skin is the more caring way that we can do on our own way. 

Baby Dove is now available is all leading supermarkets, drugstores, and department stores nationwide.

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