5 Reasons on Why You Should Buy QZNah Skinless Longaniza

5 Reasons on Why You Should Buy QZNah Skinless Longaniza

Nothing beats a homemade recipe. A recipe that is undeniably made out of love. In the world that we have now where the food that we eat contains mostly of preservatives and the likes. Most people don't really have the time to cook their own meal. Blame it on their busy schedules. It is so fresh to know that somewhere out there serves homecooked meals. One of the homecooked food that Filipino loves is a longganisa. A longganisa is a Spanish sausage similar to chorizo. It is one of the favorites during breakfast partnered with eggs that give the heart to the menu. Skinless longganisa on the other hand is almost the same except that it doesn't use any casing. It is also easier to prepare but if you found yourself no time on making one, I know someone who makes great homemade skinless longganisa. Introducing, QZNah Food Hauz. They make yummy skinless longganisa at very reasonable cost. Here are my 5 reasons on why you should buy skinless longganisa from QZNah. 

Uses Premium Lean Meat

QZNah Food Hauz boasts on using the only premium lean meat for their skinless longganisa. The quality of their meat resulted in something tasty and tender.

No Chemical Preservatives

The good thing about skinless longganisa is that its made fresh and sold fresh. It is made without using any preservatives. To keeps your raw food or cooked food fresh for longer period you use the food vacuum sealer, and you can explore the 20 best vacuum sealer reviews at vacuum mania.

QZNah Skinless Longganisa

10 Herbs & Spices

A traditional native sausage is made by quirking the flavors. QZNah's Longganisa is undeniably has a flavorful skinless longganisa as it has 10 herbs and spices. This resulted in a wide mix of good taste that varies the flavor and texture.

QZNah Skinless Longganisa

Different Variants

QZNah offers 3 different variants of their skinless longganisa. They have original, spicy and extra spicy. Original is good for the kids while I prefer the spicy and my partner, on the other hand, goes with the extra spicy. So perfect for the whole family!

QZNah Skinless Longganisa Fried Rice

Different Ways To Cook

I don't know about you but I like cooking longganisa differently. And with the herbs and spices that QZNah Longaniza has, it is perfect for any recipe that you'll think of. It is a great alternative to your meat without adding any more seasonings. I love it on my breakfast on a fried rice. You can also add it as a topping on your pasta and will add flavor to your sauce.

These are just some of my reasons and it's up to you to know the rest. Now, let me eat and enjoy my yummy skinless longganisa fried rice. :)

QZNah Food Hauz
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