So SCENT-sational Valentine's Gift Ideas From Miniso!

So SCENT-sational Valentine's Gift Ideas From Miniso!

Are you excited for Valentine's Day? Or are you pressured because you haven't got that perfect give for your other half? Worry no more! Let your loved ones feel special this Valentine’s season with gifts of love, fragrance, and beauty from Japanese fast-fashion brand Miniso.

Get inspiration from this guide to Valentine's gift ideas from Miniso.

1. Miniso's Valentine's Cards. Express your love for Valentine cards in classy and lovely designs available at the Stationery section.

Miniso's Valentine's Card

2. The Miniso Beauty Collection. Give your partner, mom or any lady friend that romantic new look with Miniso’s beauty collection: various shades and colors of foundations, shimmery eyeshadows, luminous blushers, high definition lipsticks and eyebrow liners perfect for a date night.

The Miniso Beauty Collection

3. Everyday Essentials from Miniso. Keep your things – like bath essentials, socks, and underwear - organized with this environmentally friendly and multipurpose storage box.

Everyday Essentials from Miniso

3. Perfumes. There are also scent-sational fragrances that draw inspiration from Perfect Love, Romantic Sakura, and Crystal Diamonds. The Miniso Women Perfume Collection is sweet and sensual for day or night. The Romantic Pink Sakura Perfume has a simple, elegant and fashionable scent for a sunny day; while the sweet and sensual Crystal Diamond Perfume is the perfect scent for a romantic date night.

The Miniso Perfume Collection

Miniso’s Flipped Perfume combines bergamot, apple, black currant and pear for a fresh,
fruity and elegant fragrance.

Miniso's Flipped Perfume

Miniso’s Rose Green Tea perfume has a sweet and refreshing scent for an all-day use.
Miniso's Rose Green Tea Perfume
A scent of a woman. Miniso’s Perfect Love Perfume’s lasting, feminine and exquisite scent is perfect for everyday use.
Scent of a Woman - miniso
4. Bath Salts. The Rose Exfoliating Bath Salt is enriched with rose essence, which exfoliates and leaves the skin supple, clean and moisturized.
Rose Exfoliating Bath Salt - Miniso
5. Natural Essence Oil. Made from jojoba seed oil, the Rosa damascena flower oil, and olive fruit oil, the Rose Hydrating Essence Oil soothes and replenish dry and dull skin for a soft and hydrated skin feels.
Rose Hydrating Essence Oil - Miniso
Valentine's Day is all about spreading love and showing it to those who matter to you. Regardless of what is your gift to that special someone, it will all boil down to the thoughts that count.

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