Siargao Movie Review

Siargao Movie Review

Recently, my partner and I are spending our 'we time' by watching movies. My partner loves action movies and specifically wants to watch movies in the movie theatre with special effects. Mas maganda daw kasing panuorin mga yun sa sinehan. While me on the other hand wants to explore indie films more though limited lang kasi sa mga sinehan na malapit sa min. So when there is one, I really want to make time to watch it. This is a super late review of the film Siargao. We watched the movie last December (my birthday). We were choosing between Siargao and Deadma Walking but chose the first.
Plot.Set in the rustic but breathtaking surf island of Siargao, an island off Surigao del Norte in Caraga region of northeastern Mindanao a burned-out musician returns to his hometown to escape his troubles in the city. He meets a sheltered vlogger who is picking herself up after a failed relationship, while he seeks closure with a former love he left behind. 

Here are my thoughts about the movie.

  • The place Siargao has a lot to offer! Every drone shot of this place was breathtaking! We instantly thought that they are promoting the island and if they are it is indeed working. I miss the beach so badly! Watching this movie makes me crave more to go to the beach!
  • The cinematography was superb so it is not surprising that they won the Best Cinematography at the MMFF 2017 Awards.
  • First time to watch Direk Paul Soriano's film. It was on a slow paced and it also reflected from his personality which is tahimik and mysterious.
  • The movie is about second chances. So don't be afraid to make mistakes. But be sure to live up to those wrong choices.
  • I applaud Jasmin Curtis' acting here. I never thought that she can act that well. She deserved that Best Supporting Actress Award. Iba din yung mga close up shots nya dito. I also loved her skin here! Umakma talaga sa role nya.
  • Erich's role here is a vlogger. As a fan of most vloggers here in the Philippines, I didn't connect to her role. I felt she need the advice from Wil Dasovich who is a professional vlogger himself on what to do or act in front of a vlogging camera.
  • Jericho Rosales is a natural. His role is somewhat similar to his personality. No effort to act at all.
  • So many characters but so little role. Yung iba parang hindi naman kelangan sa storyline. In short, pampadami lang.
  • It kept me hanging and have so many questions at the end of the film. It felt bitin and wanting to have more.

As I've mentioned above, if they are promoting Siargao, it actually works. But for the movie itself, it still needs a deep storyline.

EDIT: Because of this review, I was invited by K World for an interview regarding the movie. You can watch the video below:

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