6 Easy Tips on Taking The Best Food Shots Using A Smartphone

6 Easy Tips on Taking The Best Food Shot Using A Smartphone

A few of my friends had asked me before on what camera I've been using on taking food shots. Would you believe that I only use my smartphone as a food blogger? Yes, being a blogger doesn't really require you to own high and expensive gadgets. I do believe that finding the right resources and other means can take you a long waaayy!

If you've been following me on my Instagram accounts (@Nheng_28 & @Nhengs_yummy_wonderland), you'll definitely see a lot of food shots taken from foodie meetup events or homecooked food if I am just chilling at home during weekends.

Aside from being a foodie, I really love taking food shots as it entails memories and even happiness for my tummy. To tell you the truth, I love using my smartphone on anything especially on taking food shots. Aside from it is convenient and I can shoot anywhere, it also has a lot of features and I can directly upload it to my social media accounts.

Using a smartphone actually help me become a better food photographer. I may not be a professional photographer but I have these 6 easy tips on on taking the best food shots using only your smartphone.

1. Natural light is your friend. I don't use any expensive lights or ring lights. By this, find the natural light like to create that warm effect on your food pictures. You can go to the window of a restaurant like the ones I did on the image below. And be sure not to use those flash if you can't find the right light.

Smartphone Photography

Smartphone Photography 

2. Make or break of the shadows. Now that we've taken the natural lighting into consideration, let us not forget the shadows that will reflect from natural lighting. Shadows will help you get that interesting shapes that can enhance your image. But be careful as it can make or break your shots. If there is a harsh light, use the curtain to soften the light or maybe move from a different location or angles.

Smartphone Photography

3. Shoot from different angles. Food angles that I love are close up shots and flatlay. Close up shots emphasizes the food and it makes it look yummier. Just make sure to adjust the exposure to show which one to focus on your image. Flatlays, on the other hand, is taking a shot from above. Don't be afraid to stand on a chair to get the best flatlay shot. It is the best angle for me if you want to avoid distracting backgrounds especially if you are in a restaurant with a lot of people.

Smartphone Photography

4. Use the rule of third. Those grids on your phone have an advantage. When I want to have space in my image, I'll use this tip. It actually helps when you want the focus of your image to get the balance horizontally and vertically. It sounds jargon but once you're used to it, it will be worth it!

Smartphone Photography

5. Props & Background. Look for items that might complement the food. Usually, the ingredients are the best way to include on this. You could also include non-food such as spoons, fork etc. Flowers and leaves are also a great choice for a prop. A human touch is also a great technique. You can see this on several food shots. Choosing a background can also have a great effect on your pictures. I often use white to create a brighter image. Let's take note to use background and props that will complement the food.

Smartphone Photography

6. Enhance colors using filters. If all things fail? Use filters! Adjust the colors the way you want it. I used the app Snapseed on editing and adding filters to my food shots. I also used Instagram filters and adjust the settings it the way I want it. 

smartphone photography

There are actually no rules on photography. Don't be afraid to break the rules, experiment and use the feature of your smartphones to your advantage. And lastly? Enjoy that food after taking hours of getting the best shot!

*This is my entry to Nuffnang Contest - OPPO F5 Red #OPPOF5 and #CaptureTheRealYou

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