My 2018 Budget Planner Tracker

My 2018 Budget Planner Tracker

Did you ever list your expenses from day to day? My mom does! Every single cent she will list it in her notebook. She is a certified full-blood Ilocana so you can't blame her. I used to be irritated whenever she does that. She will even list 1peso! But when I become a mom that's when the adulting finally kicks in.

When I graduated from college, I used to have the Papemerolti planner. It is the cheapest planner that you can find with the boxes on the dates. I only used it for the scheduled interviews, job fairs, reminders & birthdays. That's it very simple. When I finally got a job, I upgraded into the pocket sizes planners just to list my expenses. It became a regular habit.

My 2018 Budget Planner Tracker - Pocket Size Planners

Fast forward today, I still prefer the pocket size planners. It is convenient for me to use and whenever I go I can just list any expenses that are coming out from my wallet. It also doesn't take up too much space in my bag. 

But then, I really want to take my finances seriously this year. I'll take up my Licensure Exam to be a certified financial advisor from Sunlife soon. So it is such a shame if I can't do my budget di ba? :D To make it more fun, I am joining the bandwagon of bujo bullet journaling. It is a customize planning tracker system on where you could list your to-do list, goals and anything under the sun. 

What I love about the bujo bullet journaling is there are no limitations. Add anything that you think is applicable to your lifestyle. I myself is not really good with drawings and don't have a nice penmanship but yeah it adds to the fun!

My 2018 Budget Planner Tracker

I decided to have my 2018 budget planner tracker as I only want to track my progress in my finances. But if you want to track anything, you can do so. Some even track their moods. I used a simple notebook for my planner (I used a NIDO notebook, the one I got from MBP Christmas Party) because I only need a few pages for my tracking. Nothing fancy. Bear in mind that we are on a budget here. Any notebooks will do. Searched online for free printable stickers and printed it on a sticker paper (what's left of my kids' party). I also have old washi tapes and colored pens. 

My 2018 Budget Planner Tracker - Planner Stickers

Next, have I listed the things that I would like to track which are my financial goals by the end of the year, bills tracker, Mutual Fund tracker, a loan tracker, mortgage tracker, savings tracker, emergency fund tracker and no spend challenge tracker.

My 2018 Budget Planner Tracker - Goals and Bill Tracker

The bills tracker includes the date on when is the due and will put an X sign or shade it if its already paid.

My 2018 Budget Planner Tracker - Savings and Emergency Tracker

Savings & Emergency Fund tracker is for shading so I can track on how much I am able to save. Same goes for the Mutual Fund tracker.

My 2018 Budget Planner Tracker - Mutual Fund and Loan Tracker

I used stickers this time for tracking my loans from SSS & PAG-IBIG.

Next, I drew a house to remind me of the payments for my mortgage house. I also include the tracking of income and gift certificates from blogging.

My 2018 Budget Planner Tracker - Mortgage and Blog Savings Tracker

Moreover, I have the No Spend tracker for my No Spend Challenge on where I set rules to follow.

My 2018 Budget Planner Tracker - No Spend and Movie Tracker

I included a Movie Tracker because this is the only leisure that my partner and I have. We don't do much of a shopping and eating out so I need to allow a small amount of our 'we time.'

Some of the layouts used are from Pinterest and others are my original designs just please excuse my drawing and my pen was also not the good one. 

Budgeting is not easy especially if you don't have much salary, to begin with. But with bullet journaling, it makes more fun to shade, color, doodle when you achieve the goals. The colorful pages, the happier your savings are. Isn't it fulfilling when you fill all those boxes? Yes, can't wait to see the result of my 2018 budget planner tracker!

Best day to start to save and budget is now! Happy bullet journaling!

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