Bluesmith Coffee & Kitchen

Bluesmith Coffee & Kitchen - Greenbelt 3

Last week, I wandered around Makati. I know that I always skip this place in terms of events, especially on a weekday. But discovering new places to eat at sets aside my laziness to visit and conquer one of the busy places in the metro. One of the places we visited together with Zomato foodies is Bluesmith Coffee & Kitchen. At first, I was excited! Knowing that this place serves coffee and its Monday! Hello? Its what I really needed to start my day.

Bluesmith Coffee & Kitchen - Greenbelt 3

Upon entering, the design instantly caught my eyes. It has the modern plus greenery vibe. I also love those mirrors that I can't help but to take a selfie! :D

Bluesmith Coffee & Kitchen - Greenbelt 3

Industrial effect on the counter is also catchy and pleasing to me.

Bluesmith Coffee & Kitchen - Greenbelt 3

Bluesmith Coffee & Kitchen - Greenbelt 3

Let's check the food!

Bluesmith Coffee & Kitchen - Tenderloin Beef Salpicao

Tenderloin Beef Salpicao P410
Tenderloin beef squares, marbled potatoes, toasted garlic, Worcestershire sauce and white rice.

Bluesmith Coffee & Kitchen - Bluesmith Beef Tapa

Bluesmith Beef Tapa P310
Hand-down recipe of beef tapa, sunny-side egg, toasted garlic and white rice.

Bluesmith Coffee & Kitchen - Smoked Milkfish Belly

Smoked Milkfish Belly P340
Smoked belly of milkfish, peach tomato salsa, sunny-side egg, toasted garlic and white rice.

Bluesmith Coffee & Kitchen - Pesto with Country Fried Steak

Pesto with Country Fried Steak P360
Linguini, pesto aglio e olio, country fried steak chunks.

Bluesmith Coffee & Kitchen - Chili Soup with Homemade Cornbread

Chili Soup with Homemade Cornbread P260
Spicy meat and bean stew, sour cream, homemade signature cornbread.

Bluesmith Coffee & Kitchen - Chicken Egg Salad Sandwich

Chicken Egg Salad Sandwich P280
Ciabatta, your childhood favorite chicken egg salade, lettuce, salted potato chips.

Bluesmith Coffee & Kitchen - The Chopped Chicken Crunch

The Chopped Chicken Crunch P310
Bacon crisp, grapes & honey-candies walnuts on a bed of iceberg, bleu cheese dressing.

Bluesmith Coffee & Kitchen - Ube Dream Waffle

Ube Dream Waffle P260
Soft Belgian waffle, ube halaya ice cream, grated quezo, homemade ube ganache, whipped cream.

Bluesmith Coffee & Kitchen - Bluesmith Sundae

Bluesmith Sundae P240
Three generous scoops of dark chocolate ice cream smothered with walnuts, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream. Enjoy with churros sticks.

Bluesmith Coffee & Kitchen

Overall, there are misses and points. The prices are somewhat steep for milkfish, tapa and beef salpicao. Though I love the sweetness on the tapa! Chili soup with homemade cornbread had a very weird taste in a good way. I like that they contrast from spicy to sweet. I would have love the chicken egg salad sandwich because I love egg sandwich but I don't really get to taste much of the chicken. I love the Ube Dream Waffle the most! I am now into desserts for breakfast! Another win for me is the pesto with country fried steak. 

Bluesmith Coffee & Kitchen also offers Cold Brew and Horchata. Enjoy your choice of their house-made beverages. Grab a Cold Brew for that needed boost without the added calories nor acidity or delight yourself with the milky taste of their Hispanic cold drink blend of almonds and rice.

Bluesmith Coffee & Kitchen
Level 3, Greenbelt 3, 
Ayala Center, Greenbelt, 
Makati City

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