Make Magical Dishes with Maggi

Make Magical Dishes with Maggi

In our household, my partner usually does the cooking. When he was courting me, he will usually cook meal for me after I got home from work. Yes, nadaan po talaga nya ko sa pagkain! :) And since then that we are living under the same roof, he is the man in charge at our kitchen. Don't get me wrong ha, I know how to cook but it is different when he holds those pans. Mas nakakainlove yung kayang kaya ka ipagluto! :) I really love guys who know their way of cooking. I found it manly and macho. Even my workmates can attest to it. Whenever I'll bring packed lunch at work, they will always ask what my ulam is. They actually have favorites and it even came to a point where I need to bring lunch for everyone and they'll just pay me. Imagine bringing lunch to 20 people. Para na kameng nagpa-party! Well even on special occasions like birthdays and baptismal, he does all the cooking. So how does he do magical dishes kahit homecooked lang?

Make Magical Dishes with Maggi

He uses Maggi mga momshie! Yes, wala pong halong biro. When we received these products from Maggi, he was so excited! One of the seasonings that he always uses is the Maggi Magic Sarap All-In-One Seasoning Granules. On every meal, it can really make magic. Even if you don't know how to cook, simple dishes can be made to something special. We received Maggi seasonings to almost anything! From pork, fish, chicken and to different kinds of dishes like sinigang or even fried. Ang dameng options! I am honestly curious about the Maggi Sinigang Watermelon Surprise. We can't wait to try it! One of my favorites too is the Maggi Savory where I can just add it to my rice and boom, I already have a flavored rice!

#AllWeNeedIsMagic with Maggi seasonings

I am really excited for my man to cook magical dishes using these Maggi seasonings! #AllWeNeedIsMagic with Maggi seasonings! So what is your Maggi story? Share it below in the comments section.

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