3 Key Benefits of International Travel Insurance

International Travel Insurance

Most people exert a lot of effort and energy arranging their itineraries, pocket money to bring and even clothes to wear for good ootd shots when traveling. They take for granted how international travel insurance can help them on uncertainties that might happen along the way. Travellers are prone to accidents and we can't stop or even know what's coming ahead. Putting your best money forward on a travel insurance which is extremely helpful for your reassurance. So which one is appropriate when you travel? Below are the 3 key benefits of international travel insurance specifically from Malayan Travel Insurance.


We can't prevent accidents during travels. It is exceptionally costly when a sudden treatment abroad is needed. Travel Master gives scope to the crisis medicinal treatment you may require. Scope likewise stretches out to catch up mind, and also the day by day accidental costs associated with doctor's facility restriction. It also provides compensation for accidental death, dismemberment, or disablement as well as accidental burial benefit.

Lost Passport/Luggage

International Travel Insurance

Imagine planning an international trip for a very long time then you can't find your passport anywhere? It will be too upsetting losing something important on a foreign land. Travel Master offers benefits for loss of travel documents, loss of baggage, baggage delay, loss of cash, damage to laptop and flight delay as a result of severe weather, mechanical trouble, strikes, and even skyjacking, to keep you smiling despite such unforeseen events.

Flight Cancellation

International Insurance Travel

One of the best advantages of international travel insurance is when the flight is canceled, the plane goes on strike, or it leaves the business. They will provide the protection and will compensate you for the loss you make have from the canceled trip. If the trip has been canceled within 30 days prior to the scheduled departure, the Emergency Trip Cancellation feature of Travel Master from Malayan Travel Insurance shall reimburse the non-refundable portion of travel and accommodation expense. In any case, the termination or cancellation of the trip must result from death or life-threatening sickness or injury of the insured, or from a member of the immediate family requiring immediate medical attention.

Be informed and have a peace of mind when you travel internationally with Malayan's Travel Master. Protect yourself and have worry-free travels.

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