Ultimate Guide: What To Eat At Tableria Food Park

Ultimate Guide: What To Eat At Tableria Food Park

Food Parks are everywhere! In Marikina alone, they are popping like crazy. I've been to 4 different kinds of food parks in the area and I must say that Marikina is becoming a food haven for foodies out there. Lilac Street is here, a prominent food crawl section in the city. Food parks have their distinct character from one another but great food is their common denominator. When you go to a food park, its quite overwhelming what food to order. On this post, let's talk about the food park I visited with fellow Marikina Foodies a few weeks ago. Here's an ultimate guide on what to eat at Tableria Food Park.

Tableria food park can be located easily. It is behind the Shoe Museum at J.P. Rizal Corner I. Mendoza Street. The theme of the whole place has a touch of wood. The place is not crowded even if people come on a weekend. The stalls are placed where everyone is visible. Well ventilated and air can get thru easily. I just had one issue on how the roofs are assembled. They are formed like a downward triangle where water might be filled when rain is hard. I am not sure if there is drain somewhere.

Ultimate Guide: What To Eat At Tableria Food Park

Chairs and tables are also on wood. On the other side, there is a second-floor dining with a few tables and chairs. There is also a live band at late afternoon.

Ultimate Guide: What To Eat At Tableria Food Park

Ultimate Guide: What To Eat At Tableria Food Park

What to eat or order at Tableria Food Park? Here's an ultimate guide based on my experience, Let's check the stalls one by one.

Tableria Food Park - Wok In


Wok In offers Asian cuisine at an affordable price. What I like about them is that they will let you create your own dish. First is the choosing your base from rice, egg noodles, glass noodles and mixed vegetables. Next is to choose your toppings. They have chicken, pork, beef, tofu, chorizo, shrimp, fishballs, kikiam, quail eggs and wagyu beef cubes. Afterwards, select your greens. Options are baby corn, broccoli, green peas, button mushrooms and bokchoy. Lastly, top it with sauce. They have adobo, teriyaki, peanut sauce, curry sauce, oyster sauce and salted egg.

Tableria Food Park - J&J's Surf & Turf

J&J's Surf & Turf

Food park is not complete if they will not serve meat. J&J's serve different varieties of meat and even seafood. Must try is their J&J's Pork BBQ Baby Back Ribs served with homemade coleslaw. Price is at P349, good for 2-3 persons.

Tableria Food Park - Cholula Buffalo Wings


Cholula Buffalo Wings offers differently flavored buffalo wings. Cost for half a dozen is P180 while for 1 dozen is P380.

Tableria Food Park - Querazo


Another offering for meat is Querazo. I loved how they did their plating on the wood as it complements the whole food park's theme. They specialize on steak like Classic Burger Steak, Querazo Steak, BBQ Chicken Steak and they even have Vege-Q Steak and an All-Day Breakfast Steak.

Tableria Food Park - El Qawali by Mean Martin

EL Qawali by Mean Martin

From the word "Qawali" which means kawali on Filipino, dishes from El Qawali was served on a kawali. Filipino dishes are their specialty. They got Kare-Kare which they called El Mani. They also served El Diablo, El Qawali, El Nino, and El Pato.

Tableria Food Park - Max Subs & Sliders


Max Subs & Sliders offers sub sandwiches. But not an ordinary sandwich I tell you. Their best-seller is this big Chicken Fajita Slider at P225 that is good for sharing. I also liked their Pulled Pork Sub. I am really into sandwiches so if you are like me, this is your spot.

Tableria Food Park - Jocel Food & Grills


Into grilled meat? Jocel Seafood and Grills offers grills from meat to seafood. Aside from Grilled Liempo and Pork BBQ, they also have Kinilaw Na Tanigue and Kinilaw Na Bangus.

Tableria Food Park - Kyodai


Looking for some international dish, they also got it here. Kyodai offers Japanese food from Makimono, Bento Boxes, Ramen, Donbori, and Sushi. Try their Nakama's Pride and Spicy Ramen Tantanmen.

Tableria Food Park - Mr Booze


A night out with friends is not complete without a good drink, don't you think? Mr Booze will provide you with different alcoholic drinks. I found Sapporo! You'll know what I am talking about if you have seen the movie "Kita Kita". He He He!

Tableria Food Park - Didi's Sisig


Didi's Sisig not only offers Sisig but also Crispy Pata which is sinfully delicious! They got their special which is Sisig Pringles! Yes, you heard me right, Sisig on Pringles.

Tableria Food Park - Fresh Bae


Another stall that offers sisig, is Fresh Bae. I personally loved their Sisig Tokwa! So creamy yet so tasty at the same time! Can't get enough of it!

Tableria Food Park - ChickenZilla


Another chicken haven is ChickenZilla that offers Taiwanese Chicken Chop. They also got side dishes such as Fat Fries, Pissing Pork Balls, Shrooms, and Chicken Tempura.

Tableria Food Park - Sonyarita


Sonyarita not only offers delicious drinks that range from different sizes but they also have pasta, mojos and pizza.

Depending on your cravings, you can choose which stalls to satisfy the taste you're looking for at Tableria Food Park. Visit Tableria Food Park and I'm sure you'll thank me after.

239 J. P. Rizal St. San Roque, Marikina City 

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