Recovery Food Celebrates 5th Year Anniversary!

Recovery Food Celebrates 5th Year Anniversary!

Recovery Food celebrated their 5th year anniversary last week and we were welcomed by our companions from Zomato. In line with their 5th year anniversary is a treat for everyone! Avail their Singko Pares Anniversary Promo where you can order their top 5 best hits (Tapa De Morning, Doc Sisig, Pinatunay, Amadobo & SST) with Dalandan Juice and get your next bowl (Porkqua, Porkqua Curry, Happy Beef Arroz Caldo, Hala Ka & Happy Chicken) at P5 only! This Promo is valid until November 8! Recovery Food has been the go-to place at the wee hours for those looking for satisfying and convenient food. They are open 24/7, all day, every day. It is the best place where you can recover from bad feelings or maybe just chill out, well from the word itself 'recover'. Recover from a hangover after a night drink with friends, from a long night at work or maybe from being heartbroken? Why did I say so? They serve comfort food to relief those not all that great sentiments. From Asian enlivened dishes of soup, home-style sandwiches, to straightforward yet encouraging hot bowl soup combined with freshly squeezed juices. 

The celebration of their 5 years took over at Recovery Food, BGC Stop-over. Before going to work, I went there and enjoyed myself with their comforting food. I took a few shots of the food and went my way to a table with some of the foodies.

Rice & Talangka Rice + Hala Ka with Turmeric Rice

Some of the dishes showcased were Veggie Rice + Talangka Rice, Hala Ka with Turmeric Rice, Sweet and Spicy Tuyo + Porkqua, My Mami 2 + Cheese Pimiento Sandwich, Happy Beef + Pinatunay, Champorado with Tuyo and a lot more. You can also watch the vlog that I did here during the event.

Recovery Food - My MamiRecovery Food - Sweet and Spicy Tuyo + Porkqua

I only got to try some of the dishes because I was in a rush going to work nearby. I've tried the Happy Beef Rice which was on a sweet side and the beef is tender. I've also tasted their Champorado with tuyo. This is my favorite so I might be biased. The saltiness of the tuyo is a great combination to the chocolatey champorado. I only tasted a cute size shot glass so I can't wait to go back and try this again. The last one I tried was the Alfonsorizo. It has Chinese chorizo with scrambled egg + rice. With all these food, I gulped in a freshly squeezed calamansi juice which quenched my thirst as I only walked going to the place from the office.

Recovery Food Celebrates 5th Year Anniversary!

Whatever the event possible, Recovery Food is where anybody can have a snappy and encouraging food all day, every day. Congratulations Recovery Food on your 5th Year Anniversary!

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