New Easy Palit Pampers Baby Dry Pants

New Easy Palit Pampers Baby Dry Pants

On my previous posts, I can't reiterate enough on how useful disposable diapers to our life. Even before my baby girl came, her kuyas had tried different brands of disposable diaper while we alternate it with cloth diapers. From a known brand to a cheaper ones, we had tried it all. Now, there are a lot of options for us moms for disposable diapers. It will be up to us to know or test those diapers which ones is the most comfortable, affordable and lives up to its name. A few weeks ago, I was invited by our friends from Pampers as they introduced the New Easy Palit Pampers Baby Dry Pants. We all know that Pampers is one of the leading disposable diaper here in the Philippines and a lot of moms are already comfortable using this brand. Pampers main purpose is dedicated to every baby's happy, healthy development. Did you know that their actually the one who first invented disposable diapers? They continue to innovate their products to help us moms become worry free as to help our babies sleep sound and rested all thru the night. Now what is with this Pampers Baby Dry Pants has to offer? 

Pampers Baby Dry Pants

Key Features of Pampers Baby Dry Pants

Magic Gel

It has magic gel that helps on the absorption of wetness up to 30x of weight. It is the one great factor for dry and peaceful sleep of the babies who are using it. Locks up to 99.9% wetness for dry skin. A dry baby is a happy baby!

Air Circulation

It is breathable that helps air to circulate which is beneficial to dry skin of our babies.

Baby Lotion

Now, this is something that I haven't heard from different brands. Aside from the air circulation, baby lotion will also helps protect baby's skin. So it will prevent rashes and other skin irritations.

Flexible Waistband

It has a flexible waistband for soft and comfortable fit. It also comes on an easy palit pants for a quick change especially for our energetic babies!


And because of its features, a few changes will be needed on the diaper which will help you save more. The price will definitely worth it!

Pampers Baby Dry Pants

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