GOO.N Friend Diaper Review

GOO.N Friend Diaper Review

Welcome to another review of diaper. Today's post is about GOO.N diaper. GOO.N Diapers is a leading diaper brand in Japan and Southeast Asia such as Thailand and Indonesia, and is now in the Philippines through One-Stop Distribution Inc (ODI), a distribution company known for bringing premier brands in the country. They held a media launch in Manila House, BGC where I was invited.

Disposable diapers are my lifesaver. Though I initially planned on cloth diapering my kids, I still use disposable diapers for my sanity. It helps me in times I really need it. Diapers are what we use now that our weather is mostly rainy. Cloth Diapers need sun and its very hard to have one dried if its raining everyday. My twinboys are now potty trained but I've experimented almost every diaper that I know of. Now that we have our little girl, I learned on testing more diapers as to where she is most convenient and comfortable. And of course for us parents the affordability. We are using one brand that actually suits her but it doesn't hurt if we can try some more options just in case.

A few weeks ago, I am one of the invited bloggers for the GOO.N Diaper Launch here in the Philippines. I also got to try their diapers on Pants and Tape types. They also got baby wipes and cute baby wipes containers. Here, I'll show you our review of GOO.N diaper which are from Japan. Below image is the GOO.N Friend on XL pants that fits 12-17 kg child. 

GOO.N Friend Diaper Review
GOO.N Friend Diaper Review

Here are my thoughts:
  • It easily fit and stretches the size. My baby was only 5 months old but it can fit her just right.
  • Absorbs up to 4 cups of water.
  • Cute Doraemon designs. The tape ones have different cartoon character designs.
  • More flexible suitable for every movement.
  • Technology of magical gel, allows for better and quick absorbency.
  • Breathable sheet helps ventilate the air through  the surrounding, no need to worry about moisture.
  • Soft tender like fluffy cotton, gives your baby superior comfort. It is so light on my baby's skin.
  • Like any other pants type diapers, it has an easy tear on the sides when needs to dispose.
  • It doesn't have any wet indicator not unlike the tape type.

GOO.N Friend Diaper Review

My daughter is not a heavy wetter. And even if she have the diaper in full pee, its super absorbent and light that she can still moves freely. We also tried the tape type, but I prefer this pants type especially if your babies are in full action. The only downside is that its super thin, not recommended for those babies that can load a diaper overnight.

GOO.N Friend Diaper Review

GOO.N offers premium (GOO.N Premium) and economy (GOO.N Friend) diapers. Each one comes in pants and tape variants depending on your child’s needs. They comes in different cute cartoon character designs.

GOO.N Diapers are available in SM Hypermarket, Rustans, Robinsons, Lazada, Makati Supermarket, Pioneer, Unimart, Rose Pharmacy, Generica, Puregold (Duty Free), Landers, Baby Company, Fishermall. Alfamart, Cash and Carry, Alturas, and others, and comes in different sizes from Newborn to XXXL. SRP: GOO.N Premium Tape/Pant Super Jumbo - Php 680.00 and Jumbo - Php 420.00 and GOO.N Friend Tape Super Jumbo - Php 439.00, Jumbo - Php 229.00, Regular - Php 79.00

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