J.CO Launches Their All-New Premium Affogato Series!

I can still remember when my partner and I are still dating, I would insist him on buying me one dozen of JCO donuts for his pasalubong. It was when JCO started to boom and be known for their sweet and yummy donuts. I love how their donuts can relieve your stress and still crave afterwards by just indulging on the sweet fillings. Now, they have a lot of branches in the Metro where you can go to if that craving kicks in. Just last week, I was invited for the grand opening of J.CO at SM City East Ortigas. I was ecstatic! Finally, another branch that is near my place. J.CO opens their lifestyle cafĂ© concept store in SM City East Ortigas. Feel at home and melt away your stress and the summer heat on their cozy and inviting furniture. Whether you’re with your family, a friend, or the entire barkada, you’ll surely have a nice, intimate time with them as J.CO invites you to sit together, have a sip of their coffee and gorge on their donuts as you survey the simplistic urban aesthetic that surrounds you. 

J.CO Launches Their All-New Premium Affogato Series

J.CO Launches Their All-New Premium Affogato Series

SM City East Ortigas J.CO's New Lifestyle Cafe

SM City East Ortigas J.CO's New Lifestyle Cafe

SM City East Ortigas J.CO's New Lifestyle Cafe

While we are waiting for the winners of the flatlay contest, medias and bloggers enjoyed the newest drinks, donuts and the new Katsu sandwich of J.CO. The grand opening of J.CO at SM City East was so timely with the terrible heat! Fortunately, J.CO Donuts and Coffee is offering its new Affogato series to help us beat the heat in a most delicious way. We can now enjoy our delicious donuts with the new Affogato Series from J.CO.

J.CO Katsu Sandwich

Katsu Sandwich 

A traditional affogato is a scoop of ice cream drowned in a shot of piping hot espresso. It is then either consumed as a mildly cold beverage or eaten like an espresso “soup”. There were exciting games and prizes during the launch. They also show how an affogato is made.

J.CO Launches Their All-New Premium Affogato Series!
Image grabbed from Barat Ako!

The innovative minds at J.CO however have built on the Affogato concept and have come up with three different cooler variants to cater to three discerning tastes of their customers. Using beans sourced from the Sumatra and Sulawesi regions in Indonesia, each cup ensures quality, delicious flavor, and intense strength. 

J.CO Affogato Series

This Summer, let J.CO’s new Affogato Series wake you up and cool you down at the same time. 

Iced Cafe Avocado Affogato 

The rich and creamy flavors in the Avocado Affogato blend just as well as they rhyme! J.CO has blended the smooth and creamy taste of avocado with its premium coffee blend and topped it off with a scoop of luscious chocolate ice cream which all come together to form a harmonious combination of distinct flavors. 

Iced Jcoccino Affogato 

A rich, buttery scoop of milk chocolate ice cream makes this crowd favorite extra creamy. Definitely a must-try for any coffee enthusiast looking to get a quick cooling caffeine fix. 

J.CO Iced Chocolate Affogato

Iced Chocolate Affogato

You can never have too much of a good thing. Case in point: the chocolatey goodness of the Iced Chocolate Affogato, which is a sweet serving of chocolate milk topped with a heaping scoop of chocolate ice cream. Definitely a chocolate lover’s dream realized and made available in a cup. 

SM City East Ortigas J.CO New Lifestyle Cafe

Enjoy an Affogato in J.CO’s Newest Branch in SM City East Ortigas!

With summer getting hotter and hotter by the day, J.CO’s Affogato series is definitely a Godsend whether you need that refreshing push to get you through work or just want a delicious companion while relaxing. Grab a dozen of J.CO’s signature donuts to go with your Affogato and have a moment of pure bliss. 

The Affogato series is available in all J.CO branches nationwide including their new lifestyle cafe concept store in SM East Ortigas.

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