Home Foodie Season 3 Offers Easy, Convenient and Madalicious Meals!

You can never say that cooking is hard nowadays. Turn on your laptop and search for a recipe, then boom, a meal is prepared. But what if you don't even have time to put that pan on the stove? Being busy sometimes is taken us aback on preparing meals for our family. I for instance, kitchen is not my place and cooking is not my forte. Though I can cook some simple dishes, I am always on a rush to run an errands, attend to my kid's needs, go to work or attend blogger events. So it boils down to cooking unhealthy and unplanned dishes. There are a lot of simple and doable recipes out there, but how sure can you get it right this time with all the rush and busy schedules? So it was a privileged when I was invited to attend the Home Foodie Season 3 Blogger's Conference. Home Foodie Season 3 offers delicious, easy and convenient recipes! Your favorite Home Foodie couple Drew Arellano and Iya Villania-Arellano, together with the San Miguel Purefoods Celebrity Chefs - Llena Tan-Arenas, RJ Garcia and Rene Ruz - will share more "Madalicious Meals"! Yes from the word itself, madali, meaning easy-peasy! Recipes can definitely cooked at home.

Home Foodie Season 3

Check this video to check some of the happenings during the event.

We were treated on delicious food during the event. The food that was served are included on their episodes. There were Mediterranean Chicken Pilaf, Salted Egg Spareribs, Easy Oven Toaster Pizza and my personal favorite Bread Pudding in a Pan.

Home Foodie Season 3

Mediterranean Chicken Pilaf

Salted Egg Spareribs

Easy Oven Toaster Pizza

Here is a video on how to make easy Bread Pudding in a Pan.

The event was so entertaining while we listen to the couple Drew and Iya on how they grow or progress by its episodes. Viewers can expect that from being a beginner cook in Season 2, Iya is now able to prepare recipes on her own while Drew tries his cooking in level up, either trendy or resto-inspired, but still very easy dishes.

Home Foodie Season 3

The 26 recipes will be presented in thematic combos to give viewers quick tips and ideas on meal pairings. Most of the recipes featured this season have about 5 main ingredients that are pantry-friendly and come in 4-step procedures, using the finest quality products of San Miguel Pure Foods.

This season they also launched the Home Foodie Madalicios Meals Mobile App where all Home Foodies can download the app on their smartphones and watch 60-second cooking demos as well as meal planning and preparation tips of the recipes featured on Home Foodie TV Episodes.

Home Foodie Season 3

Last May 15, Home Foodie Season 3 already started. Catch them every Mondays to Fridays, after Unang Hirit on GMA7.

Home Foodies can also visit the following pages for a copy of the featured recipes:

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