GABE's Homegrown Dishes in Katipunan

One of the things people turn to when they are stress is comfort food. Comfort food is something that makes you happy even if its just home-cooked or sweets that will add to your weight. Really, you don't care because it gives you comfort when eating it. Well, I was not sad when I visited Gabe's a few weeks ago. But it was such a nice discovery for something that will make someone happy just by tasting the food that they offer. Gabe's Homegrown Dishes or simply Gabe's is a simple restaurant tucked in Katipunan. They served simply the best comfort food that I can vividly remembers.

GABE's Homegrown Dishes in Katipunan

GABE's Homegrown Dishes in Katipunan

Upon entering, I felt at home instantly. It got simple interiors. At the corner, Star Wars collectibles are placed and some game boards.

GABE's Homegrown Dishes in Katipunan

I specifically loved their chairs with typewriter letters.

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Gabe's offers Filipino dishes at an affordable price. If you think that they're like anyone else, wait till you tasted their bestsellers. I had quite a lot of favorites on this foodie meetup that I will share with you below.

GABE's Homegrown Dishes in Katipunan GABE's Homegrown Dishes in Katipunan

We started with some drinks to beat the summer heat.

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Crunchy Pork Sisig ni Gabe P185
Whenever I am out with my partner and don't know what to order, I'll always go with sisig. This is one of my favorites. Having said that, I think I've tasted different kinds of it. So it was just comparable that I've tasted the best sisig from Gabe! It was so tasty and crispy! I wanted to grab a beer to go with it! But you know I can't because I am still breastfeeding my daughter. He He He

Crunchy Pork Sisig ni Gabe

Pancit Malabon P100.00
Here is Gabe's version of Pancit Malabon, not too saucy but with generous toppings.

Gabe's Pancit Malabon

Horseylog P115.00
This one is for the brace at heart! I was actually surprised that this is made from horse! It was my first time to taste a horse dish. The taste is the same with beef, but for me a little yummier.

Gabe's Horseylog

Pinoy Cheese Sticks P80.00

Gabe's Pinoy Cheese Sticks

Tinumis P90.00
This is their version of dinuguan. It doesn't have that soup base that I am used to with this kind of dish. And it was a bit sour which was ok.

Tinumis - Gabe's Dinuguan

Crab Sandwich P100.00
I love this sandwich! The fillings are well combined plus the dressing is really good!

Gabe's Crab Sandwich

I always have a heart on desserts. I can't pinpoint any bad things about Gabe's desserts! I honestly love all of them! Let me show you some of the sweets we tasted and drool for yourself.

Halo-Halo P100.00
Gabe's claimed that they have the best in town! And I must agree! With those generous toppings of leche flan plus over 12 ingredients! Really a must try!

Gabe's Halo-Halo

Valencia ala Malabon P80.00
Turon levelled up with ice cream on top! Better eat it while its hot!

Gabe's Valencia ala Malabon

Fried Oreos ala Mode P100.00
Another favorite is there fried Oreos! It was generous with two oreo fillings and not just breading. Kids and kids at heart will definitely love this!

Gabe's Fried Oreos ala Mode

If you come by Katipunan, do drop them a visit and see for yourself! 

GABE's Homegrown Dishes in Katipunan

Also check this video that I made when we visited Gabe's. Enjoy!

GABE's Homegrown Dishes
Second Floor, 219 Katipunan Avenue, 
YDG Building, Blue Ridge, Quezon City

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