Be Financially Free: Break Free by Don Soriano

Hello guys! It's been quite some time that I discuss money here on the blog. I've had some post on how I manage our budget and some financial journey that I went to. We are still struggling with our expenses but I it's not that hard nowadays. I can say that we have enough savings, enough payments for insurances and UITF's. We are now beyond the paycheck to paycheck lifestyle. Though I still need to work on our Emergency Fund and plan for the Educational fund of the kids. As you all know, we are now a family of five. Sometimes I thought of quiting from my corporate job and just be at home. But that is not practical. Maybe I'll resign for good if I already have my own business. My mom dreamed of having a business too so she can stay here in the Philippines for good. So if you are one of us, who is planning to have that successful business, try reading the book of Don Soriano. 

Be Financially Free: Break Free by Don Soriano

The book Break Free: 8 Principles to Get from Employee to Employer in 3 Years or Less was written by Don Soriano. This book, tackles about the author's journey from being bankrupt with P500,000 to being a business owner and financially free in just 3 years. He indicated some tips and his personal experiences here. 

Here's a simple outline from the book or what you'll expect:

Don’t quit your job (yet).
Learn as much as you can.
Increase your active income.
Start managing your money well.
Maximize leverage.
Get yourself in the right environment.
Create passive income.
Learn to master yourself.

"I've found that true happiness can never be found in money. True happiness is a choice. If I wanted to ne happy, I can choose to be happy whether I had the money or not"
- Don Soriano


What I like about the book is that its easy to read and can finished it in one sitting. There's no words written that its not easy to understand. Everyone can definitely understand what he was trying to say. This is also a great read for those who would like to start their business especially students. He was really honest on how he failed before with his own mistakes and clearly indicated what are the actions he did to make up with it. If you already read some financial books, it will no longer be hard for you to adapt with some notations from the other books where you can relate to it. There are also some strategies that is not new to me like how he managed to save money and how he paid for himself first. The focus of the book is how you can start your own business. If you are an aspiring entrprenuer, no harm on reading this book. I also like the fact that he was so honest with how much he spends on trainings and seminars and he is proud to share it with others. Overall, it will still take a lot of courage from my part to start my own business. I will take in my mind and in my heart the first title that he outlined on his book "Don't quit your job (yet)". For me, it is the best advise ever for everyone who wants to take risk be it business or passion. We really have to plan for it and not just dive along because everyone is doing it. And as I end this, it is still within us on how we will apply everything that we read to our lives. I always love gaining new information especially if its about money. Let us all spread the good things about this book to be financially free and break free!

The book costs P300 only. To get a copy of this book, check

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