Wealth Without Wall Street Book Launch

Are you thinking about retiring early but don't have that enough funds to do so? Are you confident you will be able to retire with financial security? We all want that financial freedom, aren't we? Sometimes even if you really want something it's really hard where to start. But with the age that we have right now, we all have the tools and resources. We can attend seminars, workshops and so on. We can even read blogs about financial, investments etc. There are also a lot of books, hardbound or even online. Speaking of books, I was invited to the book launch of the #1 International Bestselling Author, Mr Robert San Luis' Wealth Without Wall Street Book Launch at Fullybooked, BGC last March 10, 2017.

Wealth Without Wall Street Book Launch

Robert San Luis is a best-selling author

Robert San Luis is a best-selling author, trusted advisor, successful investor and sought after real estate investment expert with a passion for leading driven individuals to achieving their dreams of financial freedom. He believes that investors can replace their working income with passive income if they adopt an optimal strategy and have access to well-curated investment opportunities.

During the book launch, Mr San Luis discussed about the dangers that Wall Street is NOT easy street, that speculation kills, big mistakes on your financials, and how to resolve this by investing for income. He also discussed his success freedom formula which you can also read on his book. Next, he enumerated on how to earn cashflow. But there is one thing that I will not forget, investing on yourself.

Wealth Without Wall Street Book Launch

I was really grateful for the free talk and having a sample of the book. On the book, you will learn:

-How to avoid the Wall Street casino and invest in recession proof asset
-How can you stop working and retire sooner with passive income
-How to reduce risk, increase cashflow, and enjoy greater financial security
-How not to work until death or depend on Social Security by using a simple investment strategy that  eliminates speculation
-How to make smarter financial decisions so you can have the retirement lifestyle you desire

Above all, even if we all have these information, it still depends on how you act and apply the things that you will learn or read from this book. As the book says, "Your success depends on two things: what you learn and what you do." and "If you do not have the ability to act on information, the information becomes useless and your mission is doomed." 

Robert San Luis is a best-selling author

He also listed a lot of bonus tips on the book!

The book Wealth Without Wall Street - Seven Keys To An Early Retirement is now available on Amazon Kindle at $9.99. To learn more about Robert and his early retirement strategies, please visit www.RobertSanLuis.com.

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