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This was a long overdue post. I honestly forgot all about it until I passed by Karnevore the last time that I went for a check-up at St. Anthony Medical Center. Recently, there are a lot of food establishments sprouting around the hospital that I usually go into for check-ups. Feeling ko tinatawag nila ko lahat. Ha Ha Ha! I first read about Karnevore from my fellow Zomato reviewers so I decided to give it a try one time. Basing from their name, they specializes on meat and steaks. 


Checking the place, they have a very simple wooden tables and chairs and its on an open area. But as I've mentioned at the beginning of the post, this is already outdated. They already have a glass secluded area and al fresco dining. The parking is very limited to few cars.

Here is the look of the new Karnevore.

Karnevore   Karnevore  

Here are some guides on what are the different cuts of beef. I am not really a pro with this. I'm just really good at eating. :)


They first served this appetizer.


I ordered for the mini Ribeye Steak P255, well done. Pan-seared premium ribeye steak  garnished with dried parsley, served with French beans and tomato. Choose a side dish: mashed potatoes, french fries, plain rice, or java rice. I chose mashed potato and I hoped I ordered for a rice too! The steak was so flavorful, tender and very filling! It is not hard to chew on. The vegetables go very well with the meat though I would like mine to have more veggies to balance the sinfulness of this meal. :D I also love how it was presented, instead of the usual plate, it was placed on a very nice wooden chopping board.

They also have a lot of choices for meat from meat bites, meat buns etc. For meat lovers out there who doesn't want to break the bank, I'll definitely recommend this place.

Pitpitan Corner Gunting Street, 
San Roque, Marikina City

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