ParentTown App: It Takes a Town to Raise a Family


More than 2 years ago when I learned that I was pregnant with my twins, I was so nervous and scared for the first time. I don't even know where to start, what to do, what to eat etc. I was worried AF! Imagine me with a 4'11 height and carrying two babies at the same time, it scared the hell out of me. Plus the fact that I don't have family members who experienced the same thing that adds up to my thinking (I do have an aunt from the province who were pregnant with twinboys but she was in Dubai so there's literally no one to get advice from). My mom was also in Malaysia so I don't have any physical support. It was a struggle. I only rely on my OB's prenatal check-ups and advises. And after I had my transvaginal ultrasound, where we discovered that I have 2 heartbeats inside my belly, I became paranoid. I depended on the internet. I searched on everything that I needed to know about twins. I didn't even know that there are different kind of twins and the one that I am really scared was to have them conjoined. I joined forums and asked every questions that I have on mind. And being a first time mom myself, I needed a lot of information that will equip me to become a good mom. I'll say that mother's nowadays are really lucky. They can get all the resources everywhere. I only use one app before for my babies and I am really glad that there are apps now that helps us for parenting and all.

Now let me introduce to you the new app that I discovered for parenting, ParentTown. ParentTown connects you with everyone you need to help raise a child - other mums & dads, lactation experts, education experts, doctors, and more. 

  ParentTown ParentTown

Upon sign up, you need to indicate if you have children or if you are currently on your pregnancy. Then choose any topics that interest you.

ParentTown ParentTown2

The app is easy to navigate. There are familiar icons that can help your way thru it. For me it also looks like a social media for parenting where you can also follow friends and you have your own profile.

  ParentTown Untitled ParentTown

 On the home icon are the questions, just click on the reply to answer. You can also post your own questions. The photobooth section is where you can post pictures. The TV icon is where you can watch sessions. I liked the fact that it has a search bar where I can easily type for the topic that I want. There are a lot of engaging topics and once you are hooked you can just follow the questions so it will be easily seen on your home feed.

It really takes a town to raise a family, with the help of technology, we can gather all the information that we needed. Of course, experience is still the best teacher and as they say what works with your child may not work with mine. But are we all looking for the right answers when something is bothering our mind? Especially for a parent like me when I am just obsessively anxious and not sure what to do? I felt relieved that I am not alone on this weird-crazy parenting. 

ParentTown is available on Google Play and IOS
You can also log in to directly through Facebook or Gmail!

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