When it comes to the products that we are using for our kids, we should always opt for the safest and effective ones. There are a lot of products out there that claims organic and all natural but its always best that we moms try it first. So I was grateful enough to try these Tiny Buds product that was sent to me from Lazada.


I as not able to have my own pictures because as soon as I have this home, my twins flocked their way to it and examine it themselves. He He He. Kids. :) I've been hearing a lot of Tiny Buds before from the events that I've attended to. Tiny Buds Baby Naturals are lovingly made with All-Natural Ingredients. Each drop is Mild, Safe & Gentle for Baby's Delicate Skin 100% No Harsh Chemicals SLS Free | Paraben Free.

My haul contains the following plus bottle brushes and a giraffe stuff toy.

I am not new to the Tiny Buds Baby Bottle and Utensil Wash, I've already tried it before. This is made from 100% food safe ingredients and its water-soluble formula leaves no residue. It also doesn't have artificial coloring. After washing the bottles, it smells odorless which is I like because it may not affect the use of it when my kids use the bottles. Only a small amount is needed so its very economical. The 400ml comes on a slim capped bottles, a safely feature that might prevent bacteria if its left unopened.

My kids loves brushing their teeth. So this product is very timely for them. The toothgel comes in Strawberry Banana flavor and its colorless. It doesn't really foam that much unlike the adult toothpaste and don't have a mint flavor. It is also safe in case they swallowed it. Made with xylitol to help protect teeth from cavities and bacteria. As I've checked, this is actually for 0-6 months. The chewbrush will be handy for our new baby and hope to review it too.

Check the links above for the prices and you can check other Tiny Buds products over at Lazada.

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