5 Tips on How to Travel With Twins on a Budget


Ever since we had the twins, we had taken aback on travelling. I was a travel junkie since college days. Those were the days that we don't really needed money to travel. I traveled with my co-theater's for a summer workshop and we got our finances from our previous performances. That's when the time that I knew I am a cheapskate. We budgeted our money for days and a member will look for a place where we could stay for free (but sometimes it could be a close relative nearby), in exchange of teaching children how to act, sing and dance. At present, as I had my twins, it was really hard to go back to travelling. One, my partner is not really adventurous as I am. Second, my twins are so active that we can't manage them if we are out with just the two of us. Third, because we don't have enough money for it just now. So I made a list on tips on how we can travel with twins on a budget.

1. Plan and budget. For me, this is very important. I need to make a list on how much are we going to spend for how many days that we should travel. Keeping in mind that I have twins on tow, I should also include the diapers to be use, milk formulas, wipes and so on and so forth. As for the planning, we should also have a routine with the twins. What time should we leave? Enough sleep for the twins to prevent tantrums.

2. Choose the right accommodation. If the budget really permits, I would choose a large room suitable for the four of us. I should also keep in mind that I have children with me, so a playground would be good. Of course the swimming pool should always be on the list. There are a lot of information on the net for accommodation. I discovered this new site Traveloka, where you can search on their site for affordable hotels in the Philippines in 3 easy steps. Another great thing is you can download it to your phone.


3. Pack light and organize. Ziploc's would be a great help to organize everything from the twins' clothes to other necessary items. It can also be used for the used clothes. Put notes on every single Ziploc for the twins' items such as diapers, snacks, milk, undies, wipes and its also very handy for soiled diapers.

4. Bring essential items such as medicines, passports, birth certificates (if you are going out of the country). Don't forget to bring toys too to keep the twins occupied and also snacks. This should come in handy, as for my other twin, who can't sleep without his security blanket which by the way is a big comforter. We can't bring that all the way for travel but instead we had him occupied with his favorite car toys and movie, when we are out. A tablet should be useful too just in case, though I don't really want them to hold much on to it for several hours.


5. Lastly, enjoy! Remember that traveling shouldn't be a pain and it should be to build memories with your children. 


Do you have more tips for me?

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