3 Reasons Why My Twins Love Nutri10Plus


One of the things that I really hate is when my twins get sick. Imagine two kids being sick at the same time? Good thing is that, they don't experience any major health issues since they were born. I honestly believe that "Ok lang na makulit, wag lang magkasakit!". My twins are really active at their age. As in hyper to the highest level! I can never really catch up with them. As a mom, I must equip their body to be healthy and strong. Aside from their nutritious diet, Vitamins is a must to maintain their energetic body.


It was almost a year when we changed the twins' Vitamins to Nutri10Plus. It was my partner's decision and indeed the right one. So we were very excited when Wert Philippines sent us Nutri10Plus Vitamins. See the picture above for the proof! :)


And because we are using this product for almost a year, here are the 3 Reasons Why My Twins Love Nutri10Plus.


1. It is packed with essential nutrients. Nutri10Plus is a food supplement with a lot of nutritional components. It has Vitamins, Zinc, CGF, Lysine and Taurine. These are extremely important for the function and development of my twins' active lifestyle.


2. Ponkan Flavor. Nutri10Plus has a Ponkan Flavor which my twins really love! They can actually distinguish a Vitamin from a medicine. You can't fool them! They can't get enough of it and we are controlling them to have more than a 1/2 teaspoon a day. 


3. It helps them to become more active and to have a good appetite. Need I say more? My twins are super lively, bubbly and vibrant! Aside from getting me crazier all the time, they have their personal antics and they never ran out of energy! They can climb stairs endlessly, ran whenever they could and play the whole day. They also begin to decline drinking their milk and eat more rice, vegetables and meat. 

These reasons are a good indication that my twins are growing physically fit. Of course with the right guidance, balance and nutritious diet, I am confident that my twins are on the right track.

Special thanks to Wert Philippines and Mommy Bloggers PH.

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