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Hello! It's been forever since I have a personal post! Well, I still have a few pending post but its really hard to write if nothing is on your head. He He He! I don't know how professional bloggers do meeting deadlines and write! Anyway, because I am lazy to write on some of my pending post I would like to make a little kwento about my life now. 

New office

Before the end of the month of June, we already transferred to our new office in BGC. I was also moved to a morning shift where I'm not sure if I'll feel happy. If you are my friend on Facebook, I always rant there the unending battles that I am experiencing with the traffic being on the rush hour, commuting from and going home was a constant challenge. I honestly missed Eastwood! Now, being the commuter that I am, I tried several routes on going to work and also routes on going home because of the super dreadful traffic! Can you believe that I already tried 4 routes? And yet, its still the same. Everywhere is traffic. You are lucky if its holiday so I always pray that I wish its holiday everyday! If the traffic loves me so much, I'll be home after 5 freaking hours! Yes, super nakakaiyak talaga! I want to spend that hours playing with my twins but I don't have a choice, this job is my bread and butter and this is the only job that I loved.

Traffic in the Philippines

Third baby on the way!

Shocking? Yeah I know. I am on my 3rd month now. :) And no, this time I only have a singleton pregnancy. That is why I chose that picture quote for the first line of this post. "It's your life. Don't let others tell you how to live it." because of a lot of unwelcome reactions and negative reactions that I got for this 3rd pregnancy. If you are new to this blog, I already have 2 boys. They are twins. They are two years old and a half now. So imagine the reactions that I got from the people, who don't even know what I've been through, who don't even know how hard it is to raise twins and who don't even give me a single cent to raise for my twins. I received quite a lot and you can't imagine the worst words that I got. I mean maybe they mean well but it's how you say it that hurts someone. Sila ata kasi yung nagbubuntis eh! It's like I am so irresponsible for having another baby! So I don't update my pregnancy on my social media accounts anymore not unlike with my first pregnancy that I even posted my pregnancy test kit when I learned that it was positive. I also have some belly pictures showing my baby bump before even if I am super big. But this time it felt so different. I shared the news to my very closest friends and family only. I honestly feel this post of Frances from Topaz Mommy, I was teary eyed. She marked it bulls-eye. I felt the urge to be so protective of my third baby. I don't want it to share with the whole world! It's mine and I don't really care what anybody would think! As long as we can still take care of him/her, love him/her, give the things that she/he needs and make him/her feel all the love and nothing else will matter. Besides I don't need to explain to people how I want my life to be live. Don't worry my little baby bunny, though I don't share much of you, mama will love and take good care of you as much as I love and care for your brothers.


I thought I'll be on a long hiatus when I learned that I am pregnant. I was super lazy so I declined events and only chose those that would not consume much of my time. But luckily, this blog was blessed with sponsored posts and collaborations that I never really expected. Thank you so much!


My gains so far for 11 months

I haven't updated my money goals here 'coz I really don't have Ha Ha Ha! Well my UITF from BDO is going good, no withdrawals yet so that is great news. My gains so far are P877.40 in a span of 11 months. Imagine it being stuck on my savings account and you will not gain that much. My mom's savings is on time deposit for a year and yet my gains are greater than her to think my invested amount is only P11,532.70 and hers was way more than that. My Sunlife Fund Value is doing great too! I am planning to deposit more because I can see the gains now not unlike my first 2 years. I just need to add more on the Savings account of the twins. But I am thinking of transferring it to my investment because its stagnant on their account. I can open an account from COL if I want to but I am still hesitant. We still need to save up for my due next year for the other expenses that we might need in case but luckily my health-card will shoulder all the maternity expenses plus maternity leaves are paid! Yey! So all I need to worry now is to be healthy and strong for my baby.

Partner is back to work

My partner goes back to work for almost a month now and my MIL is taking good care of our twins. His job is still contractual and the pay is not that much but I let him be. I want him to feel that he is still the man of our house, so I am supporting him all the way. I also applaud him for still giving time for our twins even though he is tired all day. The kids are always giddy when they see their father coming home from work.

Townhouse Renovations


We are not done yet with the Townhouse renovations. And just last week, my partner already installed metal paring for the ceiling and partitions on the 2nd floor. This renovations are eating up a large amount of money and we are hoping to have a tenant soon to minimize the mortgage monthly.

 I think that's it! Thank you for reading! :)

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