Ten Reasons Why We Love Blogapalooza 2016

Back in 2014, I found a past time out of blogging. Out of boredom from work, I created my own little space. A little encouragement from my co-worker, pushed me to finally make one. After 3 months of writing what I love and the likes, I finally got a formal event as a blogger from Blogapalooza. I never really called myself as a blogger back then. I was a bored employee/tired mother of twins looking for something to spice up my life! Ha Ha Ha! Fast forward to today, I am still grateful that I never missed the opportunity of attending my very first Blogapalooza. From that event, I started to seek more and wanted to learn more. I then met new blogger friends along the way, blogger groups, pr managers etc. Going on two years from blogging this June, I never thought that I'll received invites just because I don't know what else to do with my life. :) I will always be thankful to Blogapalooza people so I make it to a point that I will not miss every Blogapalooza. It is my way of bringing it back to them. Whatever experiences good or bad it may bring me. Well experience is the best teacher, right? This is my 3rd year attending Blogapalooza, so let me show you the 10 reasons why we love this year's Blogapalooza.

Easy Registration

Blogapalooza Horizons Charting the Uncharted was held at Prosperity Hall, Elements Quezon City. Aside from the easy access of the location, the registration was a breeze. There was no long line. After getting my name, I immediately saw that I was registered. They provided me with an ID and off I go.

New Brands

What's makes me really excited for Blogapalooza is discovering new brands that I can blog and connect with.

Arla was not really new to me. I first knew the product from Rica Peralejo. Her son loves their cheesy spread. I was happy that they get to give bloggers a sample that I will be reviewing here soon. Arla is an all-natural high quality dairy products. I love their Natural Cream Cheese too! They also have an ongoing contest where you could win a trip to Denmark. You can check the link here on how to join.

Blogapalooza 2016

Hey Kuya is an sms based Personal Assistant ready to make daily life easier. Users of HeyKuya, the latest company built by Machine Ventures, can avail of the hassle-free services, ranging from deliveries, reservations, bookings and many more without any hidden costs, simply through text. I tried to sign up but I am on the 1,+++ list. It seems that Kuya is very busy. :)

Blogapalooza 2016

Etobee is an urban logistics delivery platform. They allow users to ship and collect any item they want at the time and place they desire, today, sameday.

TagCash allows merchants and communities to create points based customer loyalty, microtransaction or virtual currency programs.

Blogapalooza 2016

Mommy Coi of www.heymamacoi.com playing Tagcash Slot Machine

Blogapalooza 2016

HappyFresh is the first and fastest-growing online grocery platform in Southeast Asia. They deliver groceries from great stores to your doorstep in as little as one hour!


I can't reiterate enough how I enjoyed every booths! All of them organized games that the bloggers enjoyed. Honestly, I appreciated it so much that I forgot to take decent pictures of some of the booths. He He He!


Coi and I playing the transferring of peanuts using just chopstick at the Blue Water Ace Spa booth. She won a flash drive. :)


Victoria Court is still present at the event and made us assemble the puzzle. I won a 500 gc!

Chemworld Factory is a one-Stop Shop for Perfumery Supplies. Played the Wheel Game and won a super cute mouse hand sanitizer.

Blogapalooza 2016

Eve of QarahMoments.blogspot.com building the puzzle together at the SpeedyCards. They provided free 100 pcs Standard Business card, 1 side print to every blogger's sign ups.

Image grabbed from Gold Stack Facebook Page

Gold Stack Potato Chips is a popular snack flavor that took Asia especially in South Korea by storm has finally arrived in Manila! I enjoyed the game at their booth though I didn't win. 

Hotteok King also had a game of bibe's (duck)! Not only "tatlong bibes" but a lot of bibe's where you need to shoot rings! LSS: "May tatlong bibe akong nakita..." Maisingit lang eh noh! :D


I commended Cocio for having the longest line on the event. Their gimmick is too good to pass! We got our flat lay pictorial where we designed it ourselves. We also got one bottle of cocio! Yummy!

Blogapalooza 2016

Friendly Booth Staffs

All the staffs from Empire East was so friendly and professional. I also liked their overall get-up! Empire East is a premier real estate developer that caters to the middle-income segment of the market, offering homes of expert quality at reasonable prices. 

Enough Food and Refreshments

Vita Coco gave us a super refreshing drink that day. Hotteok King also served us rice toppings from the options Korean Ham Bokkumbap or Kas  Bokkumbap Chicken/Pork plus free iced tea! Upon registration, we also got a loot for a bag of Chippy Twisters and candies! There is also a free taste of Megawatt pizza! It's not too much, but just enough not to be hungry on the event.

Vita Coco

Blogapalooza 2016

Other booths are:

Skin Station where they let bloggers to have a Skin Analyzer Test. I discovered that my face is not oily but dry, yikes! They also informed me that I need to take care of my skin from too much sun! 

World Vision is also present where you can sponsor a child to achieve their dreams.

Rappler is a social news network where stories inspire community engagement and digitally fuelled actions for social change.

Minoxidil Regroe is the pioneer in the hair regrowth industry in the Philippines, the very first to use Minoxidil as its main ingredients.

The Informative Talks

Though I was busy roaming around the booths, I make sure that my other ear is listening to the invited speakers. We listened to Mommy Ginger of MommyGinger.com where she talked about Blogging as a Business. She noted that it's not an easy process of making a blog into a business. There are a lot of considerations and efforts that you should put into it. She also discussed quality over quantity, knowing your target audience and being consistent.

Blogapalooza 2016

The next speaker was Lloyd Cadena. You may know him as the meme king on Facebook with all the hugoat lines. He narrated how his Youtube video accidentally goes viral. In this age, video is becoming more popular. And a lot of bloggers that I know of are already using it as a way of influencing others. Before we go, Christian Bautista had a matchmaking event and a panel talk from Mikael Daez, Erika Padilla, Norman Agatep and Michelle Corpuz-Villanueva. There was also a mindplay performance from Mr Kel Fabe. And a lot of games after. Some of the bloggers I know won boxes of nescafe and ponds!

Blogapalooza 2016

Fewer Booths

I definitely agree that there are fewer booths this year but on the positive side, it was indeed an advantage. We were able to go to each brands and examine carefully what they have to offer. We finished the event for at-least 3 hours or so (we had an appointment after so we didn't finish the program) but was able to check everything before we go.

Blogapalooza 2016

Say hello to R2-D2 from Star Wars, present at the event!

Ample Space

The space of the event is just enough to accommodate all the bloggers. There are also enough chairs and the place it not too hot.

Not one, but two Blogapalooza!

To sum it all up, it was a very successful Blogapalooza! I want to thank all the people behind this event and to Ms Vannah Pacis who hosted the event very well! Blogapalooza was earlier this year and I heard there will be another one on November! Are we going to see each other again this year? Stay tuned! :)

So tell me, are there reasons why you love Blogapalooza 2016?

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